Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Flashing Neon Sign.....

Today is Day 2 in the reduction of Kylee's seizure medicine.

She will take this amount for 2 weeks before going down a little more for 2 weeks, then a little more for 2 weeks, until it is stopped.

Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement and your prayers. You don't know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

Honestly, I must admit I am holding my breath praying she doesn't have a seizure. I am on pins and needles all day anticipating the school nurse calling me.

At home, I am constantly looking at her to see if she has "THE" look. I have promised myself I will not hover over her too much.

I don't want her to be held captive by this condition, yet I don't want her held hostage by my anxiety either. Both are equally as bad.

It's now a waiting game.

Waiting to see if she will be ok and the seizures are gone
Waiting to see if she has a seizure, meaning the test was a fluke.

I don't like waiting, but there is nothing I can do about it.

A group from our Church will be traveling to Honduras in April for a medical mission trip. If you'll recall in 2006 I went on this same trip. I have been unable to go the last couple years for various reasons.

I had no plans of going this year either until this.....
....a flashing neon sign from God.

Literally in the last week, every door necessary for me to go has opened.

I've had 5 different people this week ask me about going. This will be during softball season. Keep in mind Haley is a Senior, so this is an important year plus it is important for me as a Mom to be at all her games.

There is always a softball tournament in Gulf Shores the same week and I'm a room mother. Well, guess what? Not only is the tournament a different week this year, it is an entirely different month.

How bout that for a flashing neon sign?

Today, I purchased my airline ticket to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
It is located in the top left corner of the Country close to the border of Guatemala.

I am so excited!

Don't you just love it when God gives you a CLEAR sign like this?

I know I do.

Love you MUCH!



  1. So very awsome!I hope you have a wonderful,exciting,uplifting trip!Still praying for no seizures on this end!

  2. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog.
    My younger brother has Epilepsy. His seizures are under control with his medicine but he wants to try and go off them again. It's incredibly frightening. I'm sure I will be hovering around him all the time when he does start to go off of them. I'll be praying for Kylee.
    - Heather