Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good news!

Good news.....

Bronson is better, much better.

So much better, they are moving him to a room.

Bad news.....

He has a really bad infection that will require weeks of IV antibiotics.

He may have to stay at Children's the entire time if they cant do them at home.

Pray that they will allow them to do them at home.

Love you MUCH!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Soul Is Weary.....

No new updates on Bronson.

I have no brilliant or eloquent words.

That's nothing new, though.

To be honest, I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

My heart aches.

It aches for a Mommy and a Daddy who
are watching their child fight for his life.

It's a hell no one should have to endure.

My heart aches for Grandparents who are
helplessly watching their own children
endure the pain and reality of this hell.

To tell you the truth, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Like, literally, sick to my stomach.

I hate it bad.

My friends are hurting.

I feel helpless.

I do know, without a doubt, God has a plan in all of this.

Bronson being critically ill doesn't change that.

Let me say that again....

Bronson being critically ill doesn't
change the fact that we know, without
a doubt, God had a plan in ALL of this.

He formed Bronson, inside and out.

With His Hands, Bronson was fearfully and wonderfully made.

I don't know what the plan is.

I don't know what tomorrow holds.

I don't know what the next hour
or even the next minute holds.

However, I do know WHO holds every
minute and every hour of every day.

That will never change.


Let us pray together for this sweet baby and his family.


My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.
Psalms 119:28

Love you MUCH!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep Praying.....

Bronson is doing some better.

Temp is down to 101.

He has an infection in his blood and is in septic shock.

It is not staph but we still don't know what it is.

Please keep praying.

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Bronson is not doing well.

His temp is 104.6 and his heart rate is 270.

They have called in the Chaplain to talk to them.


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Baby Bronson has been taken to Children's Hospital and is in very critical condition.

Please pray for this sweet baby and his family.

I will update you as I know more.

Love you MUCH!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eternal Healing.....

Our community is deeply
saddened by the death of 11 year old, Ben Clough.

Ben was diagnosed with AML in 2009.

I received a txt, while I was in Honduras, from my
youngest daughter, Kylee, asking our group to pray for Ben.

He had relapsed for the 3rd time.

They were told there wasn't
anything else medically that could be done.

We have prayed, since Ben was
first diagnosed, for an earthly healing.

God had other plans.

Ben received eternal healing Sunday night.

Our hearts are broken.

We ask why.

But, we have to trust God.

We have to trust His plan.

Even when we don't understand.

Even when His plan is not our plan.

We have to trust.

Ben's service is tomorrow night.

Please, pray for Ben's family.

I cannot even begin to
imagine the pain they are experiencing.

Pray for Ben's friends.

As adults, we don't understand this tragedy;
how can we expect our kids to understand?

Ben loved all things University of Alabama.

More than Bama, he loved Jesus.

He was very passionate in telling others about Him.

I can't imagine the look on Ben's face
when he saw our Father for the 1st time.

Here is the link for Ben's Caringbridge site.

Take a few minutes and read about this
amazing 11 year-old and his journey with this disease.

Ben's Mother wrote the following words in
her caringbridge journal the night Ben died...

"At 9:15 p.m. June 5, 2011 Benjamin Todd Clough, Jr.
walked into the arms of our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.
Praise God and rest in peace our son.
Do not see him as a victim of cancer,
for he is a VICTOR against this world."

Ben is indeed a VICTOR, not a victim.


No, in all these things we are more
than conquerors through him who loved us.
~Romans 8:37~


Love you MUCH!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Honduras, Honeymoon, & Home.....

I have MUCH to share with you.

Where do I even begin?

I went to Honduras May 14th-21st.

We saw a over 1400 people in the medical clinic.

It was an awesome trip.

I will give you a full report soon.

I KNOW you can’t wait and are so excited to hear about it.


My baby Sister, Aly, got married this past Sunday.

She was BEAUTIFUL and the
Ceremony was simply breathtaking.

She and her Husband, Tyler, are now enjoying their Honeymoon in Aruba.


Now for the BEST news.....

Bronson is Home!

Yes, I said HOME!

Not only is he home, he is doing fabulous.

How awesome is that?

We have a party planned Sunday to celebrate this miracle from God.

~~Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess,
for He who promised is faithful.~~
Hebrews 10:23

God is Faithful.

No doubt.

I have many pictures to share with
you from Honduras, as well as, Aly’s wedding.

I'm sure after Bronson's celebration,
there will be more to add.

Love you MUCH!