Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Believe In Auburn And Love It.....

Yesterday was THE GAME, the Iron Bowl.

I have talked about it for weeks.

I'm certain all of you are glad it was finally played.

Auburn lost.


Am I sad? Honestly, I would loved to have won but no I'm not sad at all.

It was thought by all that Bama would come in Jordan-Hare Stadium and roll all over us.
Didn't happen.

They were scared.

We certainly gave them a run for their money.
More rushing yards, more total yards.

The obnoxious Bama fans around us got quiet in a hurry, well, until the last few seconds of the game anyway.

It was a fun day.

I am still an Orange and Blue kinda girl!

There is at least one Bama fan I'm happy for though.

The eldest daughter, Haley, is a Bama fan.

Here's a picture of me and my favorite Bama fan.

Win or Lose, I Believe In Auburn And Love It


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It's like Christmas without the emphasis on presents.

Have you ever thought the things some are thankful for or would give just about anything to have are things others take for granted?

For example, having everybody together for Thanksgiving. More specifically, having everybody waking up in the same house Thanksgiving morning.

Quite honestly, I have never really thought about us all being together for Thanksgiving. It was, well, just a given. It was going to happen. We would all be here. Period..

Maybe it's the fact Haley is a Senior, or maybe I'm just in deep thought.
Whatever the case, I woke up with that on my mind today.

I am extremely grateful Haley, Kylee and Hayden all woke up here this Thanksgiving morning.

I missed some wonderful people that were not able to celebrate this special day with us today for one reason or another. I hold them so close to my heart and they have been in my thoughts all day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
We certainly have much to be thankful for.
I'm love you all and am thankful for you, my blog friends.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free To Be Me.....

am so

Remember this post?




Here's a picture for ya.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Soooo Close Yet Soooo Far.....

Happy Monday blog friends!

I hope all is well with you and yours.

I'm on auto-pilot here.


Have you ever wanted something with all of your heart and loved with every fiber of your being? Have you ever been soooo close to something, yet soooo far away at the same time? Happy, yet sad? Grateful for what you have but question why there can't be more? That's EXACTLY the way I feel right now. A million thoughts swirling through my head.

There should be an appointment pertaining to my situation soon. Hopefully, good news will spring forth and this storm will start losing its strength. I'll certainly keep you posted best I can. I'm certain none of this makes sense to you and I'm sorry. I'll share as soon as I can, I promise.

Since Auburn played in Athens, Georgia, I was able to spend the weekend at home.
It was a beautiful weekend in Alabama.

We had our College and Career Sunday School class over to watch the game Saturday night. I love those kids. I say kids, but they are college graduates, lol. We had a wonderful time of eating (my personal favorite) and visiting, even though Auburn lost....AGAIN!


We looked so good at the beginning of the game. I really thought there was hope of pulling out a win, but NOOOO!!!!

Auburn is off this weekend and then we have THE game, you know the one I've told you about. Auburn vs Alabama. The ONLY game of the season that really counts.

Traditionally, it doesn't matter how either team has played all year coming in to this game. I'll just go ahead and say, I love Auburn but I think we need to have emergency personnel standing close by, like really close by. Alabama is going to hurt us BAD.

Kylee's friend, Addison, spent the night with her Saturday night.
They walked the cul-de-sac, talked girl talk and text constantly in typical 13 year old fashion.

Here they are, Kylee on the left and Addison on the right.

A couple of boys from our neighborhood came over to play with Hayden.The oldest, Dylan, was attempting to teach the younger ones how to play football. It was the cutest thing.

It was so fun watching them laugh and play and just be little boys without a single care in the whole world.

You know, the way life should be when you're 3.


It's a BIG WEEK!!!

This adorable curly headed boy will be turning 4 on Friday!

That means P-A-R-T-Y!


Have a great week Friends.

Much Love!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy.....

Friday night we took Hayden to see Disney on Ice. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Mickey Mouse, so to say he had an amazing time would be such an understatement.

It was their 100th Anniversary Show, so all the characters were there. It was so much fun to watch through his eyes.

After the Disney show we drove to Auburn and spent the night so we wouldn't have to get up so early Saturday morning.

Yesterday was Homecoming on the Plains.
Auburn hosted the Furman University Paladins from
Greenville, South Carolina.

We won 63-31

It wasn't much of a game at all.

Sorry, Paladins.

What is a Paladin? Sooooooo glad you asked!

And for those of you who didn't ask, we'll pretend you did, since it's my Blog

Websters defines a Paladin as: 1 : a trusted military leader (as for a medieval prince) 2 : a leading champion of a cause

Well, now I know.

My Cousin, Lesha attended her first Auburn game yesterday with her Husband, Mike. He's a Bama fan but was sweet enough to surprise her with Auburn tickets. It was fun spending time with them and showing them around.

Me and Lesha

Tiger Walk
This is an Auburn tradition which began in the early 1960s when Auburn players would walk from Sewell Hall to the football stadium and fans would line Donahue Drive to wish them well. Over the years the Tiger Walk has grown into a major part of game day at Auburn, so much so that it is listed on the players' game weekend itinerary. The largest Tiger Walk is believed to have taken place prior to the 1989 Alabama game when more than 20,000 well wishers lined the street. Every Tiger Walk prior to home games draws thousands and over the last couple of years the Tiger Walk has become a standard as Auburn football players enter stadiums on the road. Tiger Walk is two hours before kickoff for every game.

We go to Tiger Walk to see Aubie, the Policemen, the Band, oh yeah, and the football players =) =)


We did get High 5's from the players as well.

We're all in Orange and Blue except for the eldest, Haley, who has deflected and become a Bama fan. =(
I love her BUNCHES even in Crimson and White =)

For all you REALLY observant readers.....
Yes, all the Auburn pics were taken the same day and yes, I do have on 2 different shirts.
It was a beautiful HOT sunny day in Auburn Saturday, with extra emphasis on HOT.

I started out with the orange fleece, but got hot really fast so I went to the Haley Center Bookstore and bought a really cute navy blue t-shirt.

Today is my Daddy's birthday so we traveled back to Birmingham after Church for lunch.
It was nice spending time with all of them.

My Daddy has 3 Daughters and 3 Granddaughters.
I (cough)(cough) am the oldest.
You can only imagine the grief he has endured from us =)

FINALLY, he got a boy when my Middle Sister, Ashley and her Husband, Brent welcomed Jackson Cole, October 9th.

Ashley, 25, is a stay at home Mom. They also have a little girl, Olivia, who just turned 2. She loves being Jackson's BIG Sister.

My baby Sister, Alyson, lives in Columbus, Georgia. She's 24, single and is an Executive Chef.

It was great being with them today. All of us are not in the same place very often. My Daddy really enjoyed it, too. I love my Sisters =)

Whew, It's been a busy weekend for Gracie.

Oh yeah, I bought me 10 pair of really, really cute socks at Target today. That made me happy. I can't wait to wear them. =)

Have a great week, Friends.

Love you all!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S'Mores 'n More.....

Hope you all had a great weekend.
I had a fun weekend with the kids.

You all know we headed to Auburn Saturday morning to watch Auburn vs Ole Miss. My Tigers won which was really, really grrrreat considering we have lost the last 3 games.

I have some pictures to share with you. I'm sure you're all not very surprised. =)

Auburn hosted "Navy Nightmare" for the game against Ole Miss.

They asked all the fans to wear blue and of course blue hair is a must =)

When the popcorn bucket band hat is on, the band has taken the field and is playing


Our King of Pop on Halloween.
Even The King of Pop LOVES Auburn and wears Orange and Blue =)

He kept saying, "Aunnie say, I can't believe Michael Jackson is in my car". Funny =)

His first experience with S'mores =)

Needless to say, it was an experience, lol

I love this smile,

And this laugh,

It literally melts my heart.

My new Sunday dress =)

Have a great week Blog Friends!