Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S'Mores 'n More.....

Hope you all had a great weekend.
I had a fun weekend with the kids.

You all know we headed to Auburn Saturday morning to watch Auburn vs Ole Miss. My Tigers won which was really, really grrrreat considering we have lost the last 3 games.

I have some pictures to share with you. I'm sure you're all not very surprised. =)

Auburn hosted "Navy Nightmare" for the game against Ole Miss.

They asked all the fans to wear blue and of course blue hair is a must =)

When the popcorn bucket band hat is on, the band has taken the field and is playing


Our King of Pop on Halloween.
Even The King of Pop LOVES Auburn and wears Orange and Blue =)

He kept saying, "Aunnie say, I can't believe Michael Jackson is in my car". Funny =)

His first experience with S'mores =)

Needless to say, it was an experience, lol

I love this smile,

And this laugh,

It literally melts my heart.

My new Sunday dress =)

Have a great week Blog Friends!


  1. Hey Gracie, great pictures!!! What a great, great smile on your little guy!!!

  2. Great pics of your kids. Have a good time at the game. I love SEC football!

  3. cute in blue :)

    I am now craving s'mores,

    And, awesome new dress :)