Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.....

The girls and I loaded up Sunday morning and headed to Gulf Shores where Haley played in her final *sniff, sniff* Gulf Coast Classic High School Softball Tournament.

We played teams from Opelika, Scottsboro, Hazel Green, Hartselle, and Bob Jones all from Alabama as well as University High School of Tennessee and Tishomingo High School from Mississippi.

Southside High School Varsity Softball Team
Haley Johnson, front row center

Lady Panther Dance

Lady Panther Dance

He called her out, but OF COURSE she was safe ;)

Workin' those bases

Gettin' ready to steal

Superstar at bat

We were seeded 13th out of 56 teams.
The Lady Panthers went 4-2-1 in the tournament.

Once the games ended, we were able to move on to Spring Break Mode, which meant doing whatever we wanted to, whenever we wanted to.

It meant quiet time on the beach for Gracie

Complete with early morning walks while the girls slept

Spring Break Mode was FABULOUS!

We rode the Ferris Wheel

And went really, really high.

Of course, my kids are scared of heights

Really, really scared of heights

I'm not sure how Kylee thought holding on would help her if we fell, lol.

I loved it!

They loved it too once it was over =)

Then we topped it off with ice cream

From Scoops, our favorite Ice Cream Shop =)

We are winding up our trip at the beach, enjoying our last day.

I love spending time with my girls.

Fun times, wonderful memories and lots and lots of laughs.

Love you MUCH!


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  1. I'm jealous....I love Gulf Shores and the beach and spending time with my girls (and boy). I'm glad ya'll had fun!