Monday, July 4, 2011

Where is Mom?.....

Happy Birthday, America, Land that I Love!

You all know I am proud to be an American.

The price of Freedom isn't, nor will it ever be, free.

It comes with a HUGE price that we should never take for granted.

This Blog comes to you from the beautiful beach of Gulf Shores, Alabama.


As I type, I can see waves crashing before me, and endless blue water.

A Coast Guard Helicopter is flying over,
their occupants waving to us below.

Of course, I'm certain it's me they are waving to. =)

Multitudes of families are beginning to make their way to the beach.

Kids are laughing.

Music is playing.

Sand castles are being built.

Books are being read.


I'm sitting on a lounge chair, under an umbrella
strategically placed by the Cabana Boy to keep me out of the Sun.

Not a care in the world, at least, not right this minute anyway.

The real world will come soon enough.

For the next few days though, it's Family, Sun
(yes, I will eventually leave the comfort of this umbrella),
sand, water, flip-flops, no make up, and seafood, my favorite.

2 little boys are fishing right in front of us.

They are probably 11 or 12.

They are using live mullet as bait.

They were so proud when they found this on the other end of the line.

Yes, that is a shark.

My question is, Where is Mom?

I'm sure you'll be hearing from me a lot this week, Friends!

But, right now, the Sun has shifted
and I must find Cabana Boy to adjust my umbrella.

Love you MUCH!

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