Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mom.....

I do realize, even though Mother's Day brings
me joy, it is a painful reminder to some of what
can't be, what was, or what is missing from their lives.

I remember, all too well, all the Mother's Days
I spent trying, without success, to get pregnant.

It hurt.


I am blessed to still have my Mom.

She is the strongest woman I know.

I can honestly say, there has
never been a time she didn't put me first.

If I couldn't go somewhere, she
suddenly didn't want to go anymore.

If there was only one piece of pie,
magically, she wasn't hungry anymore.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Through her example, I learned
what being a Mom was all about.

I now understand the sleepless nights,
pacing the floors, and worrying over,
what seemed to me at the time, nothing.

I understand the relief
hearing the car pull in the driveway brings.

I understand loving another person
more than you love yourself, and being
willing to take on the devil himself for them.

I understand how your heart can
literally beat inside another's chest.

I understand unconditional love, and love beyond measure.

I understand love so deep you
would be willing to lay down your own life.

I understand praying to take pain and
sickness away, and being willing to take it yourself.

I love you, Mom.

There aren't enough words in the
English language to describe what you mean to me.

I know now there were hard days
and hard times, yet, you never let me know it.

You taught me so many things
about life and about being a woman.

Not only did you teach me there were real life
Princesses, you taught me it was ok to be one myself.

You taught me I could do anything I put my mind to.

You taught me I could be anything I wanted
to be and what I always wanted to be was you.

You taught me to love passionately and forgive freely,
though, I'm still working on the forgiving freely part.

You taught me the importance of Family.

You taught me to hug, and not be afraid of human touch.

You taught me to say, "I love you"
and just how important those words really are.

You taught me the value of hard work, and a good name.

You taught me to be a Leader and not a follower.

You taught me plain talk is easily understood.

You taught me to speak my mind and that my opinion is valuable.

You taught me responsibility and accountability.

You taught me how important it is to keep your word.

You taught me to laugh and enjoy life.

You taught me it was ok to cry.

You taught me to adapt to change.

You taught me to take chances.

You taught me it was ok to fail.

You taught me it felt great to win.

You taught me how to lose with grace and dignity.

You taught me beauty is on the inside.

You taught me to be nice to others.

You taught me to give of myself.

You taught me to stand up for what
I believe in, even if it means standing alone.

Above all, you taught me about Jesus and His Love.

You taught me He has a plan for my life.

You taught me His timing is perfect.

You taught me to pray and read my Bible.

You taught me to carry my kids to church, never send them.

You taught me to take notes in Church.

You taught me to sing.

You taught me to never be ashamed of
Christ and the work He has done in my life.

You have taught me all this and more.

I'm proud to call you Mom.

I hope I can be half the Mom to my girls, you have been to me.

I love you MUCH, Always & Forever!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day.....

My sweet girls made
me cupcakes for Mother's Day.

All their idea.

All on their own.

I love you, Haley and Kylee.

I am thankful God entrusted me to be your Mom.

There is no title or job, that is, or will ever be, more important.

I am so proud of you both.

I will always be your biggest fan, no matter what you are doing.

Without a doubt, God had awesome plans for your lives.

Hayden, I am not sure why or
how we ended up in this situation.

There are times, I don't think I can take you not being here any longer.

I loved you when I first saw you on the
ultrasound and not a minute has passed when I didn't.

You have brought so much joy, happiness and laughter to my heart.

I couldn't love you more had I given birth to you myself.

Even with all the heartache that losing
you brought, I would do it all over again.

Happy Mother's Day!

Love you MUCH!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Praise You In This Storm.....

The storms came.

So did the Devastation.

More than 200 lives lost.

Homes and Businesses destroyed.

Countless still missing.

Complete. Destruction.

Please, continue to pray for us, in Alabama, as we recover.

God is still God, no matter how big the storm.

Love you MUCH!