Monday, August 11, 2014

Delight and Wonder.....

Sometimes, a girl just needs a day to herself. 

A day to let her body rest, but more importantly, a day to let her mind rest.

You know, get away from the world, the office, the emails, the iPhone, the grocery store, the cleaning, and all the projects you have started.  


Away from it all.....

Today has been one of those days. 

I woke up, at the river, without any help from the alarm clock. 

That, alone, is heaven on earth. 

The Hubby was at work, Haley was at work and Kylee was at school. 

That left just me, myself and I. 

I sat on the dock, read a little, did my morning devotion, looked at the lesson for next week's group study, and then took the jetski out for a bit. 

(My mind did have to work just a little trying to figure out how to get one jetski off the lift without letting the other one off, but that's a whole different blog post.) 

Now back to this post.....

There's just something about being on the open water that gets me every time. 

I can't explain it. 

Today, there were no other boats or jet skis out. 

The water was smooth, like glass. 

It was quiet, except for the sound of my own jetski. 

The wind blowing through my hair. 

As I look around and see those white, puffy clouds, and an occasional bird or fish, it's like I'm 6 years old again and seeing it all for the first time. 

I'm enthralled by my surroundings, His Creation. 

I really am. 


That's a big word for a girl such as myself from Alabama. 

What exactly does it mean? 

It means "filled with delight and wonder."

am, literally, enthralled. 

I am filled with delight and wonder. 

Every. Single. Time. 

No, I can't explain it, but it is good and was much needed today. 

Sure, I had plenty of things to do. 

But, my body and my mind needed a day. 

Sometimes, you just have to admit it and enjoy it. 

There is no where else I would rather have been today than in my little corner of His beautiful, giant world. 

I have to confess, Mondays like this aren't too bad. 

Nope, not bad, at all. 

Love you MUCH! 


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