Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Trip for Jesus.....

Just wanted to let all my Blog Friends know that we are making preparations to load up in the morning and travel 700 miles to head here.......
Norfolk, Virginia.

Gorgeous isn't it?

I haven't been there in person but all that will change in about 24 hours.

We are leaving Alabama at 7 in the morning heading to Norfolk for 7 days on a High School Youth Mission Trip with our Church.

Of course, my girls are part of the Youth group at our Church so the Hubby and I planned our vacation so we could go, too.

I was worried about having enough time off at work, but God worked it right out.
(That is a whole different post later).

We will be doing beach ministries during the day and at night we will be conducting Vacation Bible School.

I will be updating via my Blackberry, most likely. I will take my computer but I'm not sure exactly what the set up will be like as we will actually be staying at a different church across town.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to do God's work. I know without a doubt there are lives in Norfolk, Virginia that are waiting to be changed, and there are people in Gadsden, Alabama that want God to use them to share God's love.

Sounds like the perfect combination to me......

Ok, gotta run, I'm suppose to be packing!



  1. Praise God for parents who are willing to take time off for Youth Trips!!! I work with our youthgroup and its such a hard job, and yet such a rewarding one, too!

    Have fun! Will be remembering you in my prayers --- Not to say "You're gonna NEED IT!" ha ha ha

  2. Looks like you are going to have a GREAT trip! These kinds of events are as spiritual beneficial for the ones making the trip as the ones receiving the ministry. You are impacting your kids and the youth group in a way that will never leave them. It will help shape their paradigm for life. Wish our youth group was going with you. Actually, I'm taking some of your youth group tomorrow to Bible camp. wb