Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Week In Review.....

As you can see the previous mobile Blog was a success, however I should tell you it took me about 20 tries to get it to work. When I finally figured out the problem I was like, "Oh yeah!, how simple".

How many times does that happen? We struggle with something, get mad and frustrated with it, feel like throwing it down and then it happens, it clicks, it works, then we wonder why it took us so long to figure it out in the first place, lol.

Though my mobile blogging is once again working, and I am back on my laptop, I am still mobile. I am in the car traveling to visit with my Mom on this rainy Sunday afternoon in Alabama.

It is really, really storming. In the short distance we have traveled, we have already seen 2 bad wrecks.

The eldest Daughter traveled to Tuscaloosa Friday to spend the weekend with her friends. She will be driving back this afternoon. I am worried sick about her driving in this mess.

I should also tell you I am the mother of a College student. She started classes this week. Everything went really smooth. She got to enjoy the pleasure of fighting for a parking space, going from one end of campus to another for class, and all those other fun things that go with it, lol.

She has decided not to play college softball. It breaks my heart, I cannot lie but she told me she was really burnt out with it and didn't want to play. I think she will regret it later but it is her decision and I have to respect it.

My baby girl turned 14 Friday. She had a great birthday. She is growing up fast. It seems like yesterday I was craving and eating only watermelon. It was the only thing I could eat. I just love that girl. I am so proud of her. We were talking this weekend about the choices some of her Friends are making. I am so thankful she is not ashamed to stand up for what she believes in. That makes a Mom proud.

Baby boy is great. He has been busy in preschool this week learning letters, and shapes and playing with his Friends. He spent the weekend with my Brother.

I am still loving my job. Things are going great. I am settling in and beginning to get in a routine.

Auburn football begins next weekend. We play Arkansas State at 6pm. Have I told you how much I love Auburn football? I love the campus, the atmosphere, Tiger Walk, tailgating, the whole thing!

I wish you could experience it with me. There is nothing like it. We would have a BLAST I know without a doubt! =)

I hope you all have an awesome week. I promise to try and do a better job blogging.

I've missed you MUCH!

Love you MUCH!


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