Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For These Things, We Are Thankful.....

Was my last Blog update really February 25th?


That is pitiful.

I could sit here and tell you all the reasons
why I haven't blogged, but I will spare you.

I will tell you we recently bought a new river lot.

The weather in North Alabama has been nothing less than perfect.

River Lot + Beautiful Weather = All my free time.

Maybe, just maybe, I have a few pictures for you.

These were taken with my cell
phone so they are not the best quality.
I apologize.
 Crappie yours truly caught.

 The cutest 6 year-old EVER caught his 1st fish of 2012

This is what you will normally find me doing.

Friendly neighborhood Game Warden came for a fishing license check.
Never fear, we all had them.

My Ahhhhhh-mazing view.
It takes my breath away.
I can tell you, besides Home, this is my 2nd favorite place.
Can't wait to get the jet skis in and REALLY enjoy the water.
The only problem with spending all
my free time there is there is no internet service.
I mean, really, isn't that the whole purpose?
To get away from everything?
I admit, it is nice, but I could update Gracie more often if I had it.
Just sayin'
Ok, now for an update on my Mom.
We were referred to UAB and went there today.
The left vocal cord is still paralyzed.
If you'll remember, there was a questionable tumor in the neck.
The Radiologist that read the CT said there was a tumor.
Our local ENT said there was no tumor.
The ENT at UAB confirmed there is NO tumor WHATSOEVER.
That was the best news of the visit.
As to what has caused the paralysis,
we still do not know and probably never will.
It has been diagnosed as Idiopathic.
Meaning, it just happened.
No cause.
No explanation.
It could be from the Remicade infusion she received in early November.
It could be from a virus.
The main thing we know, it is not from anything bad.
Those have been ruled out.
What happens next?
April 5th she is having
surgery to inject the vocal cord.
This is a temporary solution.
It will give her relief of her
symptoms anywhere from 4 to 6 months.
There is a chance the vocal cord could "wake up" on its own.
We won't know that until
the temporary injection wears off.
It will be awesome if it does.
If not, at that time, he will do a permanent treatment.
We are hoping and praying it will wake up on its own.
If not, we will do whatever we have to do.
I felt really good after today's visit.
I won't lie, I still want to know the cause.
Quite honestly, I will always believe it was the Remicade infusion.
However, there is immeasurable comfort knowing it is not from a tumor.
Even though we don't know the cause, there are plenty of things we do know.
There's no brain tumor.
There's no chest tumor.
There's no neck tumor.
There has been no stroke.
There's no myasthenia gravis.
Yes, she may be facing surgery.
Yes, it may be a temporary fix.
For these things, we are thankful.
Thank you for your prayers.
Love you MUCH!

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