Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's Next?.....

This has been an eventful week.

Let me bring you up to speed with my Mom.
We saw the Neurologist Wednesday.
I REALLY liked her.
She said, in a lot of ways, Mom
does present as someone who's had a stroke.
All of her tests have been normal.
The CT was normal, the MRI was
normal and the Carotid Doppler was normal.
Basically, you can see it in
person, but you can't prove it on paper.
Does that make sense?
She's also testing her for Myasthenia Gravis.
She said that's also a possibility.
Basically, we've had 4 different
Doctors give us 4 different opinions.
Mom is very frustrated, tired of not
feeling well and tired of going to Doctors.
It's the not knowing that frustrates me to no end.
No matter how bad the problem, just tell
me and we will come up with a plan to deal with it.
But, here we are, once again, waiting on results.
What's next?
Depends on test results.
I also took Haley to the Doctor this week.
Her hemoglobin and hematocrit were a bit low.
Plans are to recheck it in a couple weeks
to make sure it's back up where it's suppose to be.
Mississippi Cousin came for a visit this week.
It was so good to see her and have Dinner together.
We sure have missed her since
Cowboy Charlie up and moved her to Mississippi.
Yep, all your fault, Charlie!
She is happy though, and we do like to see her happy.
But we do miss her, and are selfish.
At least, we admit it.
The other Cousin has pneumonia
and spent all day in the ER yesterday.
She is some better today after getting IV
antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments.
This is the first weekend in FOREVER we have not spent together.
Cousin, I am having withdrawals.
You have GOT to get better and SOON!
While the girls slept in this
morning, Hayden and I ran errands.
We had a good time just running all over town together.
He makes my heart smile.
Really big.
We, of course, ended up at Walmart.
While the Chick checking out in front of us was
buying yoga pants, I was in line eating popcorn chicken.
What is wrong with that picture?
Nothing, if you ask me.
Let me tell you a funny.....
Ok, we recently purchased a piece of property.
We had to go to the Attorney's office
to sign the paperwork and close the deal.
There were 5 of us seated at a conference room table.
No shocker, I was at the head of the table.
To my right, was the Attorney, Seller A,
 Seller B, and Hubby, directly on my left.
All sitting around a table.
All looking at each other.
The Attorney told us he needed
to make a copy of our drivers license.
No problem, I have that right here, in my purse.
Let me get it for you.
That's what I said.
Sounded easy.
I reached in my purse, and grabbed my wallet to get my license.
I didn't just pull out my wallet.
A panty liner, that seemed as big as a pool float, fell out on the table.
Yes, really!
Did I tell you I was the only girl in the room?
Yeah, I was.
What did I do?
There were only 2 things I could do.....
Pick it up and Laugh.
I did both.
Oh, there was a 3rd thing.....
Call Cousin.
I did that, too.
 I say it all the time, you can't make this stuff up.
Such a true statement.
Also, a BIG Shoutout to the Texas Cousin for running her 1st 5K today!
Congrats, Cousin!
She's running a 5K and I'm eating
popcorn chicken in the line at Walmart.
I am in need of an intervention.
I am not kidding.
Oh, I meant to tell you, if you tried to call me or txt me
this week, and I didn't respond, my Blackberry was being contrary
a couple days so, there is a good chance I didn't know you needed me.
Love you MUCH!

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