Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dinner and a Show.....

In case you were wondering, I had a fabulous birthday!

Even though I had to work, my
amazing co-workers made my day extra special.

I got tons of txts, calls, facebook messages, cards and presents.

We celebrated by having Dinner with the
Cousins and I had yet another birthday cake.

The Cousins thought it would be funny to use trick candles.

Just picture me trying to get the darn things blown out.

It was not a pretty sight.
In fact, the more I tried to blow them out, the bigger the flame got.

Everybody in the restaurant was looking at us, lol.

Cousin's Hubby, BFF, was trying to sprinkle them with water.

Haley was asking where the fire extinguisher was.

Truth is, we really almost needed a fire extinguisher!

Seriously, it looked like a blow torch.
I was trying really hard to blow them out.

But all I could do was laugh!

That was the "After"

It was hilarious!
I'm sure the folks at the restaurant had no
idea they were going to get Dinner and a Show!
It was a fun day.
Hope your week has been good, Blog Friends.
We're only a few hours away from Friday!
Friday ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.
Love you MUCH,

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