Thursday, February 12, 2009


Can anybody say TGIF??? I certainly can! It has been a long, long week and I am so glad to see Friday peeking just around the corner. The weekend is not going to be relaxing in any way as we will be serving as the host home for Disciple Now 11th grade boys. Both of our girls will be at their respective host homes for the weekend as well. It will be a busy but fun time.

I was thinking this morning that I am so thankful God is not at all surprised by the trials we have in our lives. They don't sneak up on him. He is not wringing His hands or pacing the floor wondering what in the world He is going to do. He knows the plan He has for us. He knows what we will be facing today, tomorrow, in four weeks, and even in four years. He knows how to prepare us for the things that we will be facing and His mercies are new every day. That means He knows how much mercy we will need to face the trials of the day, and He willingly gives it to us. We don't have to force Him to share, we don't have to beg. He WILLINGLY gave us the best He had. How great is that?

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  1. that is such a great reminder, gracie. thanks for sharing.

    i totally appreciate your comments on my blog. how have you lost the weight? do you have before/after pics?