Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to the Real World, 1st Stop the Doctor.....

We made it home from the beach last night. We came back with lots of memories and pictures to prove it. We had sooo much fun.

Haley, the eldest (R), and her BFF, Allison


Kylee and Hayden

Kylee and Hayden

Kylee, the baby (L), and her buddy, Lyndsay

For the last 48 hours I have been running a fever. Two nights in a row I have worn a complete sweatsuit and socks to bed, only to be covered up with a comforter and 2 blankets. I ache all over from my head to my toes. It even hurts to touch my hair. My ears hurt and my throat feels as if there are 1878378 needles sticking it. The back of my throat is covered with pus pockets. Sorry, if that's TMI, but I am a nurse, remember.

I thought I would never finish that 5 hour drive home yesterday. My hubby was in his own vehicle, and the eldest daughter came back a day earlier with her BFF, Allison, otherwise, someone else could have driven and I would have taken medications to knock me out and slept the whole way home.

I went to my Doctor this morning. An injection of Rocephin (antibiotic) and 4 prescriptions later, I still feel like I am going to die. I know I will start feeling better soon. He told me not to even think about going to work until at least Thursday, so I will nearly have been off 2 weeks by then.

I know there is plenty going on Where Love and Care Make a Difference. My good friends there are really good at making me think all is well so I won't be at home worrying about what is going on there. My wonderful Assistant, Sherri, is without a doubt, holding down the fort and running the ship smoothly. Thanks, Sherri! I appreciate all you do, so much.

Probably after working so many hours the week of our State inspection without eating and then jumping right into being a Room Mom for all those girls,constantly running from one game to another with little sleep was more than my body could take. My immunity was low and this strep throat/ear/sinus infection won out.

Other than the Doctor, I have done nothing today but sleep. My Mother-in-Law took Kylee to school this morning for me. I love her. She is a wonderful lady and is sooo much help to me, even when I'm not sick.

This afternoon I have been able to catch up on some of your blogs. I have missed y'all BUNCHES.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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