Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Amazing What Praising Will Do.....

This morning, as we woke up to rain and clouds, my Mom's mood mirrored the weather as she was becoming increasingly frustrated with her current situation.

Current situation being 11 days post-op from her total knee replacement, confined to a hospital bed, totally dependent on others for basic needs, hooked up to an IV and Oxygen, having to use a bed pan, eating a no salt/low fat diet, all while waiting on blood levels to slowly become therapeutic.

My Mom is such an independent lady and NEVER complains I know when she does it is because she's had enough.

I TOTALLY understand. I am frustrated and I am neither confined to a bed, nor hooked up to anything and I can eat whatever I chose.

This will be my 4th night of sleeping in a reclining chair and I'm tired of it. Am I so tired of it that I would leave my Mom? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!

Anyway, this morning I told her that today we were going to be thankful for the little things.


We started out by thanking God for the salt that came with breakfast. Gone was Mrs. Dash and the no salt/low fat diet. (No offense Mrs. Dash)

Next, came the refreshing bath, complete with hair shampoo, although the Housekeeper that helped me clean all the water off of the floor would probably disagree.

It's amazing what praising will do.

We then moved on to a clean gown and a freshly made bed. My Mom was amazed a bed could be changed so easily with someone still in it, which made us thankful for the ability to turn side to side.

Then came the Lab Lady, which reminded us to be thankful for the veins that are still holding up and for Ms. Lab Lady's ability to get it in one stick.

It's amazing what praising will do.

When the time came to use the bedpan she was even thankful for it. Yes, you read it right. She was thankful for the bedpan. We would choose it over a catheter anyday and at least her kidneys are working and don't require dialysis.

Everytime I passed the room next to us and saw the older gentleman in there alone, it made us thankful for the numerous phone calls and visits from our friends and family members.

It's amazing what praising will do.

The Orthopedic Doctor made rounds and went on and on about how fortunate we were the clots were found before they proved fatal.

The lab results came back and slowly but surely they are climbing toward a therapeutic level.

It's amazing what praising will do.

"Dr. RED 3rd floor South Wing" , meaning FIRE, was heard over the PA system higher than the safe decibel limit, but it turned out to be only a drill.

The Medical Doctor conferred with the Orthopedist this afternoon and they agreed bedrest was no longer necessary.

It's amazing what praising will do.

She has walked to the bathroom with assistance and a rolling walker 3 times.

Her blood pressure is rising after being in the dirt for 4 days.

It's amazing what praising will do.

She is now resting pain free.

He is who He is no matter where I am and His mercies are new every morning.

It truly is amazing what praising will do.

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  1. Well Praise God for good attitudes!!!
    ♪♫♪ It's Amazing what Praising Can Do... Allelujah! Allelujah! ♪♫♪


  2. God is good. Praise HIM!
    continuing in prayer.

    Wife mom nurse julie signed in to the wrong google account and about to run and no time to change my signin.

  3. Okay, you're on the map! I'm hopping in my car and heading out on my road trip! Be ready for me, okay?

    {{Ding Dong}} "It's me, Erica!!!"


  4. Wonderful. Psalm 22:3 - "You are enthroned on the praises of Isreal." (alternate translation, but a legitimate one). Our praise enthrones the king. His throne isn't a big chair far removed from us; his throne is our praise, meaning he is in he midst of us. Great post. And I'm glad your mom is doing better. Doctors are allowing dad to fly this weekend for a baseball game with 2 of his sons (I'm one of them) and 2 gransons in Denver.