Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is my first email blog. Hopefully, it will post ok. I am at the hospital with my Mom. She had a total knee replacement done yesterday. Everything went really well with the surgery. We had to wait on people to discharge to open a bed on the floor which left us in recovery for 5 hours which was frustrating for me and tremendously uncomfortable for her. It wasn't anybody's fault, just one of those things. Everyone has been so good to us. I am so thankful for answered prayer, friends, and family. Hopefully, she will be discharged on Friday to the in-patient rehab facility where I work. I am so thankful because already we can see she is doing so much better than she did with her other knee replacement 4 years ago. Please continue to pray for her healing and recovery and for me, as well. We may have gotten 2 hours sleep last night. Hospital living is rough business under the best of circumstances. Love you all!


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  1. Hey, congrats! It worked! =0)

    Hope all goes well with your mom and she recovers quickly.