Saturday, November 13, 2010

People Love a Scandal.....

We are in Auburn for the last home game of the 2010 Season.

It makes me sad.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming here.

There is nothing like watching Nova or Spirit circle Jordan-Hare Stadium before landing at midfield.

There is nothing like singing God Bless America and The National Anthem with 87,000 other voices.

Imagine Heaven.

I have that same thought every time we sing them.

There's nothing like watching and hearing our Country's fighter jets fly over the clear blue sky in God's Country.

There has been a scandal of sorts in the media the last week or two involving our cute quarterback with the beautiful, white teeth.

It REALLY, REALLY frustrates me to hear GROWN people actually say they WANT him to be in trouble and have trouble.

I mean, REALLY?

I don't care what team a person plays for or cheers for that is RIDICULOUS and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Today, all over our State, there are people who are sitting on cloud 9 thinking Cam Newton is going to be declared ineligible and thus, all our games be forfeited.

Really, people?

He's a real kid.

With real feelings.

With a real Mother.

With real feelings.

I can't imagine how mad I would be.

I'm mad now and he's not even mine.

Ok, enough of that rant.

On to the world of the Johnson's.....

We have Hayden this weekend.

Nothing has changed.

We are taking what we can get, whenever we can get it and savoring every minute of it.

He is in Auburn with us today.

He is too cute and soooo sweet!

I am so in love with this boy.

I'm sure I'll have a picture or two to share with you.

Thank you, Father, for every single minute I get to spend with this sweet boy.

Kylee is fabulous.


What seizures?

No sign of any seizures, AT ALL.

Thank you, Father, for healing my precious baby girl and freeing her from that nightmare!

She is having a wonderful 8th grade year.

She is an excellent student who never fails to tell others of Christ and stand up for Him.

I am so proud of her.

Haley is good.

She is having shoulder surgery Thursday.

She has an impingement in her Left shoulder.

She is left handed, so that should be a little bit of a challenge.

Remember when she decided she didn't want to play college softball because she was burnt out and I was so incredibly sad about it?

Well, God has used that to show me how He takes care of us when we don't even realize it.

The Surgeon's words Monday after looking at Haley's MRI were, "It's a REALLY good thing she's not playing softball anymore. She would have REALLY, REALLY messed up her shoulder bad."


Thank you, Father, for taking care of my baby when I had no idea that you were protecting her from anything

I'm so glad He knows far better than me.

He sees the WHOLE picture and not just a tiny snapshot like I see.

I'll share more about her surgery soon.

I'm in God's Country and I've got a 4 year old screaming, "Mom, come on."

I LOVE the sound of that!

Brings a smile to my face.




Enjoy your day, Friends.

I Believe in Auburn and Love It!

War Eagle!

Love You MUCH!


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