Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's a Really Big Deal.....

Got my Haley moved to Auburn.
She's already started classes and is settling in nicely.
I miss her like crazy!
I really miss our late night time.
She and I would usually stay up later than
everybody else so that was our time just to talk and be together.
I really miss that time.
Did I tell you I miss my girl?
I got my season tickets in the mail 
this week which always makes a girl happy!
6 days until kick-off!
Those of you who know me know I
love football, especially Auburn Tiger Football.
I mean, I REALLY love Auburn Football.
I love everything about it.
This year I have one more reason to love home games.
I get to see my girl!
I am so excited and can't wait for the first home
game which is September 15th, in case you were wondering.
She is coming home Labor Day
weekend so I get to see her then.
And yes, I am doing the Happy Dance!

While we are on the subject of Auburn,
we had a Tailgate Party at work Friday.
Aubie, our beloved Auburn Mascot and
Big Al, Alabama's Mascot were our Guests of Honor.

Where I come from, that's a really big deal.

I don't think there is another rivalry like Alabama/Auburn.
It was such a fun day for our Patients, Employees and Families.

Hayden came so he could see Aubie.

He LOVES him!

Nothing makes me smile like seeing him smile.

I love this boy.

How precious is this?

This time next week I'll be talking about football.

6 days until kick-off.

Have I said that?

I hope you all have a wonderful week, Blog Friends!

Love you MUCH!


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