Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Is Always A Good Thing.....

As soon as I got off work Friday, we loaded up
 and headed to Auburn to spend the weekend with Haley.

 It was nice having all the kids together
laughing, talking, and doing their usual thing, acting crazy.

There was a time, when Haley and Kylee
were younger, I thought they would never be friends.

I'm so thankful, now, they are not only friends, they are close friends.

That makes my heart smile!

Having Haley at Auburn makes going to the games so much more fun.
I'm not gonna lie, it's really nice having
an apartment in Auburn so we don't have to
fight the traffic, rushing home after the game.
My beloved Tigers finally won,
which was just gravy on the weekend.

War Eagle!
I took my camera, but left my camera card at home.
Really smart, huh?
Yeah, I thought so, too.

Never fear, I did take a few with my BlackBerry.

Haley and Hayden
 The Gang!

Jordan-Hare Stadium

I was sad I didn't have my camera since
it was Haley's first game as an Auburn Student.

 No sense crying over spilled milk.

That's what my Mom would say.

Anyway, moving on.....
Hayden loves him some Tiger Walk.
He was hoping to get a high-five
 from Aubie, but that didn't happen.
There were a couple of very "blessed"
young ladies, wearing low cut dresses,
standing directly across from us during Tiger Walk.

When Aubie came through, those young ladies,
and those young ladies alone, had his undivided attention, lol.

You can't blame Aubie, they were really cute.

Hayden did get a high-five from
Coach Gene Chizik so that made it a little better.
Aubie is the #1 reason Hayden loves Auburn.


I mean, what is not to love about Aubie?

He is, by far, THE best mascot, EVER!
Reason #2 Hayden loves
Auburn would be the Policemen.

Believe me, there are a lot of them when
you combine the Auburn Police Department, the
Alabama State Troopers, and the Lee County Sheriff''s Office.

#3 Reason.....

The Band.

The Auburn University Marching Band

I have an Auburn University Marching Band CD
Hayden always wants to listen to when we are in my car.
And, last but not least, Reason #4.....


My Beloved Tigers
Yep, in that order.
Hayden says, if he can't be Aubie
when he grows up, he's gonna be a policeman.
I just love that boy!

 We'll be heading back to Auburn
 this weekend when we host LSU.

After Auburn, LSU is, and has always been, my 2nd favorite team.

I LOVE the Auburn - LSU Game!

It's also a night game.

A night game means cooler temperatures,
tailgating all day with friends and family, and a big crowd.

There's no doubt Jordan-Hare
Stadium will be electric with excitement.

It also means, I get to see my girl, again.

That, Blog Friends, is ALWAYS a good thing!

Love you MUCH!


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