Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Dangerous Stupid Decision.....

Last Saturday we were in Auburn with our oldest
daughter when we got the phone call every parent fears.

Our youngest daughter, Kylee, who had stayed
home with my Mother-in-Law, had been in a wreck.
I have to tell you, that 2 hour drive
home was, no doubt, the longest ride of my life.
Turns out one of her passengers decided it would be funny
to pull up the emergency brake while they were going down the road.

Not only was it very stupid, it was very dangerous.
Pulling up the e-brake caused the back tires to lock up.
Kylee lost control of her car, went off the
road and flipped, landing upside down in a ditch.

Thankfully, all 4 of them walked away unharmed.

It totalled Kylee's car.

It literally makes me sick to think of the what ifs.
Had it not turned cold, the top would have been off.
They were wearing seat belts.
There were trees on both sides they barely missed.
I am so thankful they are ok.
But I would not be true to my Blog Family
if I told you I'm not a tad bitter about the whole thing.
Maybe, a lot bitter.
I know the one that pulled the
e brake didn't mean for them to wreck.
Like I said, it was a stupid decision by a 16 year-old.
But, they could have all been killed and we
could have all been planning funerals this week.
Thankfully, we weren't.
Love you MUCH!

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