Friday, September 13, 2013

It's finally Friday! 

Friday means the weekend is fast approaching. 

The weekend means family, friends, food, and football. 

Football means tailgating, watching the
eagle soar around Jordan-Hare Stadium, singing
The Star Spangled Banner with 80,000 other people,
and, of course, 60 minutes of what I hope ends in a WIN! 

We'll be getting up bright and early to head to Auburn
to watch my Tigers play the Mississippi State Bulldogs.   

I love Auburn and I love Auburn football. 

I also love sunsets, clouds and, really, the sky, in general. 

In fact, I admit, I am quite obsessed with D.) All the above. 

It amazes me how beautiful God's handiwork is. 

I am literally in awe that He can paint
a masterpiece in the sky with the brush of
His Hand and can simply speak creation into existence. 

Here's tonight's sunset.....

It was too pretty not to share. 

My Daddy's check-up went well this week. 

Thankfully, his counts are good and holding steady. 

He feels great. 

He is playing golf 2-3 times (or more) a week,
and is just enjoying life, which is what I want him to do. 

He'll continue to see Dr. Erba monthly for check-ups. 

We'll take that over chemo any day. 

I hope you have a great weekend, Blog Friends!

I hope your team wins. 

Well, that is, unless you're a Mississippi State fan.
Or a Bama fan.

In that case.....

Love you MUCH!


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