Saturday, January 24, 2009

Almost Perfect.....

Lois is one of my dearest friends. She is a RN as well and we have worked together Where Love and Care Make A Difference for many, many years. Gracie and Lola have been through MANY things together and lived to tell about it somehow!! Lois and Winston are members of a large gang, the Gold Wing Gang that is.(Here we are during a ride)

Today has been an almost perfect Saturday. You see, I feel great, I'm not on call, and I've been in my pj's nearly the whole day. The things that turned my perfect Saturday into near perfect are:

1.) No Football- A wise man, though I'm not sure who, once said "A perfect Saturday must include football", and I must say I agree 100%. I love football, especially Auburn Tiger Football. I am sad the season is over (yes, even though it was terrible). I miss heading to God's Country on Saturday mornings, Tiger Walk, hearing the band play the fight song, Nova flying over the stadium, I could go on and on....sniff, sniff.

2.)Groceries- Okay, not that we are in danger, but I didn't want The Family to run the risk of starvation so I HAD to get out of my penguin pajamas and go to the grocery store. Now, I love going to the grocery store, really I do, but my perfect Saturday would not have included it.

I guess a girl can't have it all....

Hopefully your Saturday has been near perfect, if not perfect!



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