Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday.....

Not Me Monday is where I tell you some the things I absolutely DID NOT do this week. Ok here goes:

I DID NOT change clothes 7 times yesterday before finally deciding on something to wear to church

I DID NOT laugh hysterically when Hayden decided to wear my smokey gray Victoria's Secret bra
(Please meet Hayden, my 3 year old nephew. Isn't he adorable?)

I DID NOT almost break my neck to get my camera when said bra was put on

I DID NOT get ill when I didn't make it to my camera in time to capture the moment described above

I DID NOT encourage Hayden to put the bra back on so I could get a picture but the 3year old attitude kicked in and wouldn't cooperate

I DO NOT let Hayden do things I would never have let my girls do and laugh about it

I DID NOT have to go to the Doctor because my blood pressure was 138/103 and would not come down

I WAS NOT extremely happy when my Doctor picked a blood pressure pill that contained a water pill

I DID NOT automatically think the diuretic would make me drop a few pounds =]

I DID NOT start thinking about Not Me Monday while sitting in worship service yesterday

I DID NOT breathe a huge sigh of relief when the clock struck 6pm last night because I knew the worst part of my call weekend was over

I DID NOT pray for Baby Harper and her family continuously after stumbling across their blog

I HAVE NOT checked Baby Harper's blog repeatedly for updates

I DO NOT have the best friends and family a girl could ask for

What did you not do this week? Visit MckMama's site for more "Not Me Monday"



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  1. How sweet,Fred likes the girly stuff.........