Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day.....

Happy Memorial Day!

Too many people only think of Memorial Day as a 3 day weekend, a day out of school or a day for eating too much BBQ. I really am thankful for those past and present that give of themselves for our Country and our freedom. May we always remember, freedom isn't free.

Today has been another wonderful day for us. I did work half a day but thankfully, it was uneventful Where Love and Care Make a Difference.

We headed to the river lot at lunch time to cookout with the family. I love family. I love family gatherings. I love everybody together. I love sitting outside (in the shade of course), gathered around talking. I love watching all the kids play together, listening to the laughter that ensues. I love it all.

Youngest daughter, Kylee, 12 and my nephew Hayden, 3

Kylee and Hayden on the paddle boat

Hayden chillaxin' in the hammock
Not a care in the world....
Life is Good =)

Oldest daughter, Haley, 17, Hayden and Haley's friend, Will

How cute is this Superstar?

I LOVE family!



  1. Looks like a WONDERFULLY relaxing day. I spent the whole day at home... the kids and hubby headed off to the movies and I sat here on my computer. Oh well, the beach was my FUN for the weekend. =0)

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh yeah, it looks like you were having an awesome time. Good weather, and awesome time with family and friends! It's just so nice to relax and just BE.

    Loved your comment, lol! People gain/lose weight, cut or grow their hair, or dye it (or diet). I don't know how anybody recognizes anybody!

  3. ooops, sorry, forget to say that this is Nan from the Five Moms!