Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Little Time.....

Hey all my BF's. I have missed all of you. It has been a crazy, crazy last few days.

Last Tuesday, the eldest daughter, Haley, was hit in the face with a softball while running to 1st base. As soon as it hit her, she fell to the ground, knocked out. SCARED ME TO DEATH!

The Athletic Trainer and an EMT that were there literally RAN across the field to get to her. I, of course, busted up on the softball field to check her out myself. She was really groggy when she came to, but knew where she was, who she was, etc.

The first thing she asked was, "Was I safe?" That's my softball player =) The coach said, "If the ball hit you in the face it means she didn't catch it so yes, you are safe" She said, "But I mean, would I have beaten the throw?" The answer was yes, she would have.

We ended up spending the night in the ER. She was complaining of an increasing headache, dizziness, nausea, decreased, muffled hearing and her ears "popping".

It was THE WORST ER experience of my life. They did a CT of the head which was negative. The ER Doctor was literally in with us no more than 45 seconds and even though she was complaining of not being able to hear I had to ask him to check her ear. That is pathetic!

I asked him to do facial x-rays, but he wouldn't. Trust me, I was very vocal in my dissatisfaction of our care. I'm sure they were soooo glad to get us out of there.

No, I didn't act like a No-It-All, I don't like it when nurses or other medical professionals do this. Most of the time, I don't even volunteer the information that I am a Nurse.

All I wanted was her checked out thoroughly and she was not. It was certainly a rip off for our insurance company. I called them and told them they were robbed.

The next morning I took her to the Pediatrician so somebody that I trusted could take a look at her, esp her ear. Before I had a chance to say a word, he said, "Did they do a CT scan?" I said, "Yes, it was negative". He said, "What about facial x-rays?" What was that? Facial X-rays? Oh yeah, that is what I had asked for that the ER Doctor wouldn't do. I told him they wouldn't do them, sooo he sent us back to the hospital for x-rays.

All of her tests were thankfully normal. She was soooo sore. The hit to the ear had caused the fluid in her ear to shift, which caused the popping. The severe swelling caused the decreased, muffled hearing. As the swelling went down, her hearing returned to normal.

Whew! That was just Tuesday and Wednesday!

We had high school softball playoffs all weekend. The season has now ended. It's sad to think that when my girl plays softball again, she will be a high school senior. Where has the time gone?

Mother's Day was wonderful! I am so thankful God picked me to be Haley and Kylee's Mom. I know there is no title or job more important. I am humbled when I think how God has blessed me. I am so undeserving.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I look forward to catching up on all of your happenings. More later!




  1. Oh that sounded so scary! I am glad to hear everything is normal. I hate hospitals now a days. They dont even listen to your symptoms is just crazy!

  2. Oh wow, I'm so glad it all worked out like it did. Whew! I hear more gray hairs popping out of your head. It's things like this that age we mamas!

    I remember playing on a church softball team when I was about 21 yrs old. I was out near second base when one of the men hit a pop fly. "Got it, got it, got it!" the glove, out of the glove, into my FACE. Yea, it laid me out flat for a minute. I remember hearing a stampede of feet coming at me as I laid there grinning saying "I'm okay! I'm okay!" Ahhhh, memories!

  3. Oh OH Oh! I hate the ER, you never know what to expect. One time I came in with a migraine, I was whisked right in ahead of other people in the waiting room and I couldn't understand that. They were there first. Turns out they thought I needed a spinal tap to rule out meningitis so it was better to get me out of there fast. \/\/ Another time I had chest pains... you would think heart attack would be important but no, the treatment was nil. I am so glad your little girl is OK!