Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday.....

Happy Not Me Monday! You all know the drill. This is where we confess what we absolutely, positively DID NOT, WOULD NOT do. Head on over to MckMama's blog to check out all the other Not Me Mondays.

I DID NOT serve as Hostess and decorate a table for the Ladies Tea at our church Saturday night, I mean, really, I so do not have the time nor the talent for such.

I DID NOT nearly have a nervous breakdown trying to get my table decorated.

I WAS NOT in tears Friday morning when I discovered my tablecloth was lemon yellow and my dishes were harvest yellow, I am so much more of a grown-up than that, how silly would that be?

I WAS NOT thankful my Sister-in-Law hooked me up with a purple tablecloth.

I DID NOT fear that my guests wouldn't show up and I would be the only Hostess without anybody at her table.

I DID NOT sorta, kinda threaten my friends with bodily harm about not standing me up because if I had I'm sure Jesus wouldn't have been happy about that.

I WAS NOT highly offended when a lady at our church walked up to me and said, "So, it's a girl you are having?" I mean, I'm not self-conscious at all about myself anyway, so that would never bother me.

I DID NOT reply, "Well, actually, it would be neither since I'm not pregnant" in a semi-sharp tone because that would be rude and sooo unlike how I should respond.

She DID NOT say, "Good thing you ain't offended easy and you let things roll off your back."

I DID NOT think to myself..Do I? Cause I seem pretty offended right now.

I DID NOT spend the rest of the night thinking how pregnant do I look? Who else thinks I look pregnant? That would be so ridiculous of me.

I DID NOT think it's time to really get started on losing that last 25 pounds now. I would never do that considering I have lost 80 so far. I mean, I would never act crazy where losing weight is concerned.

I DID NOT think, for the first time in a looooooong time, that I may need to start exercising. How could I, the word exercise is not even in my vocabulary.

Pregnancy aside =), I DID NOT immensely enjoy the Ladies Tea.

I WAS NOT pleased with my table.

I WAS NOT reminded during dinner that I am my Mother's daughter. If I had been, it would have struck me that I really am just like her. =)

Have a great week friends!




  1. OH Gracie! I'm so glad you got to use that in a NOT ME, but dang! That woman!!!

    You know you so wanted to slap her, am I right? =0)


    The worst I ever did was ask a lady something about her 'granddaughter' and she had to say "She's my DAUGHTER." Oops!

  2. OOH that evil trival woman!!!! What gives? I'm looking at the picture of you and you don't even look pregnant AT ALL. Like E @Scottsville, I did something simlar I was in grade school and I asked a playmate about her "grandparents" and got beat up because they were here PARENTS. Oops.

  3. Lovely she thought you were pregnant???why would she assume it was a girl??? You look great to me and not at all pregnant. I will have to admit that nobody has ever asked me if I was pregnant when I wasn't, except one of my children, but I have been asked if my youngest was my granddaughter..but I wouldn't beat anyone up over it (poor Aunt of 14)!