Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jungle Man.....

My Senior, Haley, on her Last "First Day of School"

My 7th Grader, Kylee

Hayden, 1st day of preschool. He looks so little!


Saturday Morning, as I was sitting on the couch enjoying my morning coffee, a car pulled into our driveway I didn't recognize. Since I was still in my pjs, I sent the husband outside to see who it was.

Confession time...............

I was peeking out the french doors trying to see who it was and what was going on.

I literally bent over double laughing when I looked outside.

There in the driveway were 2 guys neatly dressed in black slacks, long-sleeved white shirts and ties and here was Hayden.......

Underwear + Safari Hat + Jaguar + Lion Tamers Stick Whip =
Perfect Combination

Turns out, the two guys were canvasing our neighborhood for their church. Now, it was HOT in Alabama Saturday, so I know they had to be burning up in those clothes.

Q.) Who wasn't burning up?

A.) Hayden

He wasn't any wearing clothes to burn up.

Gotta Love it!



  1. It is great to see the humor in every situation. You have here. I love the innocence of little kids. It is a shame they/we lose it. Then, we spend all of our adulthood trying to recapture it again!

  2. Ha ha ha, I'm so glad you grabbed your camera, cuz those pics are DARLING!

    Great job describing it too though, Gracie. Great job!

    I'm smiling BIG!

  3. Whoo I'm so glad to see another child dressed like mine!Those are adorable pics.We only have the jehovas witness people that goes from door to door here and generally I let my bible tag along with me for those visitors.