Thursday, March 12, 2009

20 Things About Me.......

1. I love writing with blue ink. It makes me happy. =)

2. I love to make lists.

3. I always take my make-up off before I go to bed, usually as soon as I get home.

4. My paper money is always turned the same way -face forward, and in order of smallest to largest.

5. Mashed Potatoes = my ultimate comfort food.

6. I love to balance my checkbook.

7. I am sun-phobic and wear 50 SPF sunscreen.

8. Even if I'm not wearing make-up, I always have on lip gloss.
*(I have an addiction-see previous blog post)

9. I shave my legs everyday.

10. I cannot read music, but I love to sing.

11. I only like the regular chicken wings, not the drumettes.

12.I define exercise as TORTURE.

13. I've been hurt badly by someone I thought was my friend. Because of that, I don't trust easily.

14. Home is my favorite place to be.

15. The TV show My Name Is Earl makes me laugh.

16. I eat peanut butter with my pancakes and syrup....Yummy.

17. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is like Christmas without the emphasis on gifts.

18. I wear contacts but as soon as I get home I have to take them out and put my glasses on because I can't stand them anymore.

19. I love riding on the back of the Harley with the wind blowing in my face. It seems like the "real world" is a million miles away.

20. I love orange jello.




  1. Funny, I can read music but I cant sing! It doesnt sound good in the shower or car!

  2. I've been hurt badly by a friend, too. Sometimes close friends make life HARDER! I guess that's why I need to learn to lean on God more and friends less, huh?

    (I love My Name Is Earl too!)

  3. Don't think anyone wants to hear my singing voice haha! Love your 20!

  4. Lets just face it .. anything with peanut butter is AWESOME! :)

    Is that a new profile pic?

  5. Great list. My paper money is always turned the same way, and in order from smallest denomination to largest....I was a bank teller in college.