Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Beauty of the Rain.....

We had rain mostly all weekend here in Alabama, complete with thunderstorms and tornado warnings. It was nasty.

In complete contrast, it cleared up yesterday afternoon, and was beautiful, and sunny.

As I was driving home yesterday, I was struck by how green everything was. It seemed like overnight the fields had awakened and taken on a new, bright shade of green.

Flowers everywhere had bloomed into an array of vibrant colors. Everything looked alive and anew.

It made me happy. It was gorgeous. I knew though, the rain had caused it.

Here I was, basking in the beauty of the grass, and the trees, and the flowers, yet I was the very one that had griped about the rain, just hours earlier.

See, we want to enjoy the benefits of the rain but we don't want to have to deal with the rain its self. We gripe and complain about the rain, yet we want pretty flowers.

Aren't we like that with the storms in our lives as well?

We want the rainbows, but we don't want the rain.
We want to be strong, but we don't want the trial.
We want courage, but we don't want to be to frightened.
We want patience, but we don't want the test.
We want the destination, but not the road that takes us there.
We want Him to work in our lives, yet we don't want Him in our lives.

I'm guilty of this.

I pray, Lord give me strength, but I don't want to ever experience the battle.

I hope to soon share with you, my blog friends, rain I've experienced in my own life.

Maybe soon.




  1. WOW! Solid post! I really liked this one. It's funny because I noticed the same thing here in NC, but did not think about the green in such an eloquent fashion. My thoughts were more "hey look! it's turning green again! are those buds on the trees? cool... it's about time...", totally missing God's creative process. thanks for the reminder of the rain before the green and the trial before the growth. :-)
    btw... thank you for the award! i wrote a blog entry about it last night. sorry for the late reply in thanking you, but i've been quite short on time since Saturday... barely getting my blog entries in (as you can probably tell by the 10pm entries the last two days). thank you so very much!

  2. What a beautiful, eloquent post! I have to admit I am guilty of this as well and I need to add this to my list of things to work on!

  3. Well put,another stellar post.As usual,you delivered so much to digest,in terms we all relate to.Thank you,Friend.