Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lip Gloss..........

This afternoon while digging in my purse for a pen, I kept coming up with lip gloss. Now, let me be honest and tell you, I LOVE lip gloss/chapstick. I always have it with me and I am constantly putting it on. I can't stand for my lips to be dry. Even if you see me with no other makeup on, you will never find me without lipgloss/chapstick. Today though, I decided to find out just how many were in my purse. Count them.......1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,..

10!!! Yes, there were 10 of them. That is just in one purse!!!!! That doesn't count those in the car, my make-up bag, the vanity, my softball bag, or the ones I have at work. Why do I feel the need to hoard lipgloss/chapstick? or to have 10 things of lip gloss/chapstick in my possession at one time? Do I think there will be a sudden shortage of lipgloss/chapstick in Gadsden? or Alabama? or even the United States of America? Honestly, I can't answer why. All I know is they make me extremely happy. I realize I may have a slight problem, but not one that I am interested in fixing. In case you were wondering or would lose sleep over it if you didn't know, my favorites are Clinique's Bamboo Pink and ChapStick's True Shimmer Botanical Berry. Speaking of which, my lips are starting to feel dry so I need to go put some on now. =)

Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!



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