Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Bronson Update.....

Baby Bronson was transferred to Children's
Hospital this afternoon at 1:15.

There, the Doctors began evaluating and focusing on his kidney function.

He had his first surgery this afternoon.

They determined his right kidney is very large and
swollen and does contain urine.

It had very little tissue and the lining was very thick, which
is indicative of decreased kidney function, though they
don't know to what extent yet.

The left, however, is really small.

Last word was they had been able to cut the vent down
to room air, but had decided to leave it in,
just in case he needed it.

They are placing a PICC line now and will be placing a
dialysis shunt tomorrow as a precaution.

Please continue to pray for this sweet, baby boy.

Also, please pray for his Mommy.

She remained in a different hospital while Bronson
was transferred to Children's.

I can't imagine how her heart is torn.

Knowing, he has to go.

Knowing, that is best.

Knowing, that is where the best care awaits.

Knowing, she has no choice.

Yet, not wanting to let him go.

Not wanting to give him up.

But, doing what is best for him.

Oh, how deep a Mother's love.

Bronson is in the Father's Hands.

No matter what hospital he is in.

He's in the Father's Hands.

When he was in his Mommy's tummy, he was in the Father's Hands.

I'm not sure there are words that will make my friend
feel better until she can be with Bronson, but I pray
God will wrap His arms around her and give her peace
that passes ALL understanding.

Please continue to pray, my Blog Friends!

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, too hard for God.


See, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me?
~ Jeremiah 32:27 ~


Love you MUCH!


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