Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile.....

I'm sitting in my car, soaking up the sunshine.

I'm smiling.

I'm thinking about some of the things that make me smile.

Now, of course, this is not an all-inclusive
list and it's in no particular order.

Here we go.....

My sun roof
Wind blowing through my hair
Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets
Chick-fil--A diet lemonade
Mandarin oranges
My 29 Weight Watchers points
My Family and their laughter
Following @toomersoaks on Twitter
Auburn Football
Spending 5 fun days with Hayden
Driving by the River everyday and enjoying its beauty
When my car is clean
Being able to floss my teeth without braces
My job
Awesome friends and co-workers
Being able to leave for lunch
Having someone hold the door open for me
People that let you over in traffic
Policemen that direct and control traffic
Pee Pee diapers
Miracle Babies

Hope the sun is shining, and wherever
you are, you are smiling.

Love you MUCH,

p.s. I will have an update on sweet baby Bronson soon.
Miracle by Miracle, God continues to answer prayers.

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