Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Touch.....

Bronson had surgery today to place a dialysis shunt.

His Mommy reports everything went well.

They decided to go ahead and do the shunt, so it will be
in place, if needed, as his creatinine levels continue to rise.

The doctors have said they don't think his kidneys
will ever function at 100%.

However, they are hoping to "trick" his kidneys to filter
by giving him extra vitamins, minerals, fluids, and milk.

Hopefully, they will be able to start that tomorrow.

It really depends on when they remove the vent.

When they were transporting him to surgery this
afternoon, his oxygen levels dropped really low.

They called his Mommy over to him and allowed her to talk
to him and touch him and hold his hand.

Know what happened?

His Mommy wrote this in an update, "This seemed to calm him down and his levels came back up to 100%."

Isn't this how we are with our Father?

We are panicked.

Can't breathe.


The Father speaks.

We feel His Touch.

The panic dissolves.

We begin to catch our breath.

Yes, we may still have problems, but the Father
has spoken to us, touched us.

And, that makes all the difference in the world!

Continue to pray for sweet, baby Bronson.

Pray for his Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister, and all other Family members.

Pray they will all feel the Father's Touch and hear the Father's Voice.

Pray they experience Peace that passes ALL understanding.

Love you MUCH!


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