Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.....

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, Friends, today is BIG day.

The Big 4-0 or the New 20, as I like to call it. =)

It has been an amazing day.

A really awesome friend called and sang to me, my Mother called and sang to me, my Doctor called and sang to me, and a co-worker, along with one of my Patients sang to me.

That's a lot of singing, huh?

It was great!

I enjoyed every one of them.

I've received countless phone calls, and txt messages and an overwhelming number of Facebook messages.

I went to Lunch with a group of co-workers who all share January birthdays.

We ate at the new Japanese Steakhouse in town.


The whole time the man was cooking and doing all his tricks, I was thinking "I wish I had my camera so I could put this on my Blog."


Thank you all for making my Birthday special.

I am immeasurably blessed.

It is because of you, my amazing Family and Friends, I was able to have such a fabulous Birthday.

Love you MUCH!


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  1. Awww, nobody should have 0 comments on their birthday. Especially their 40th one. Happy 40th Birthday. A little late, but still sincere. Looked like a fun celebration.