Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty Eleven is Fun to Say.....

Happy New Year!

I wonder how many blog posts have that title today?

I had it as mine but must admit, I changed it, to be different.

Can you believe it is 2011?

Where has time gone?

Doesn't everybody always say that?

It sounds so cliche-ish.

But it's true, where has the time gone?

I turned 39 and had THE WORST birthday of my life,
which, for the record, had absolutely nothing to do with turning 39.

Yes, that means this year, I will be celebrating the big Four-O!

I heard that 40 is the new 20, so that's what I'm counting on. =)

2010 has certainly seen it's fair share of both good and bad times.

I witnessed a COMPLETE healing of my youngest
daughter, Kylee, from a terrifying nightmare called Seizures.

I learned that sometimes God does use Flashing Neon Signs to show us what He wants us to do, and I realized, I like that approach, A LOT!

I saw the movie Dear John, and have never
left a theater more emotionally drained.

I learned who Gucci Mane was. I swear, I thought he was a designer.

I was reminded over and over God keeps His promises.

The girls and I went to Gulf Shores for Haley's last Gulf Coast Classic High School Softball Tournament.

I saw firsthand, God can and does use ordinary people to do extraordinary things, as I traveled with 30 other people in April to
San Bartolo, Lempira, Honduras on a medical mission trip.

I rode a zip-line over the most beautiful waterfall in Honduras.

I learned sometimes in life we are forced we must take detours.

I quit my job after 22 years.

It was the hardest, yet, most liberating decision of my life.

I had a new friend come in to my life who taught me the following...
"There is an old quip about how to make God laugh:
Tell Him your plans!"
Thank you, Earlene. I love you MUCH!

I was reminded over and over in 2010, that His plans for me are FAR better than my plans for me could ever be.

I saw my first born, a member of the National Honor Society, graduate from High School and become a college student.

I FINALLY got out of the SUV and in a car again.

There was a boy who stole my heart.

We made some wonderful memories on the "Big Boat" cruising to The Cayman Islands, Mexico and Jamaica.

I started a new job.

Once again, He reminded me His plan is far better than mine could ever be.

I felt what it was like to be the "New Kid on the Block".

I was made a part of "The Sword" and formed some amazing friendships.

I made my first real slide-show.

My Blackberry crashed and I lost everything.
(No, I didn't have it backed up, before you ask).

Some of you would ask why this is monumental, however, those of you that know me, know how "close" my phone and I are. =)

My baby girl turned 14 and somewhere along the way evolved into this beautiful, amazingly, unashamed witness for Christ.

This is the same daughter God surprised me with
while I was on birth control pills.

No, I was not taking antibiotics; The Father knew I needed her.

The daughter we tried for 3 years to have turned 19.

Yes, that would be the same one I cried for, prayed for, got mad for, asked why for, and prayed and cried for some more, until I literally felt prayed and cried out.

The one that voted for the first time this year.
Yep, that's her, she turned 19.

I saw the love and pride I have for my children
grow beyond measure in 2010.

I faced heartache I never knew possible when my
baby boy was taken from our home

I found out, all too well, what people meant by the words,
"It feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest".

I realized, more than ever, it is entirely possible for your heart
to love a child more than words and have absolutely no
idea you didn't give birth to him.

I felt anger, bitterness and hurt toward God.

Don't gasp.

It's no secret; He already knows.

In fact, He's known for some time now.

Know what?

He's still madly in love with me.

There were times I didn't want to pray.

I felt the Spirit interceding on my behalf.

I felt YOU interceding on my behalf.

I was taught to Savor Each Moment.

I got lost in his eyes.

I cherished each kiss, each laugh, each smile.

I had my first picnic on the campus of Auburn University.

I only watched a few minutes of the Auburn vs Arkansas game.

I learned, there are Family and Friends I could depend on.

I learned, there are those I could NOT depend on.

I learned, there are some really, really sweet people in my life.

I learned, there are some really, really mean people in my life.

I learned, though people mean well, they say
some pretty stupid things.

I took a lot of pictures in 2010.

God brought a sweet Friend in my life, whose vocabulary doesn't include, "What's the big deal?", "You will still get to see him some",
"It will be ok.", or "It will all work out".
She knows it doesn't always work out, it's not always ok
and that winning the consolation prize isn't really winning.
I love you, Jamie!

I was Batgirl.

I read about a Father who begged Jesus for his daughter's life.

I realized, really for the first time, that God, Jarius and I all shared something in common, the loss of a child.

I was told to not be afraid and just believe, to SEE the UNSEEN.

I was given a choice, see the hurt or The Healer.

I fell in love with my Section 39, Row 48, Seats 24, 25 Friends.
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, God placed you in my life.
I love you, Phil and Diane, more than you will ever know
and I am so thankful God brought you in my life.

God showed me how He takes care of us when we don't even realize it
and how He protects us even when we don't know we need protection.

He reminded me He sees the WHOLE picture of life,
not tiny snapshots like I see.

I realized how much I love lazy, no make-up, hair pulled up,
glasses on, pajama days at home.

I watched the best player in College Football,
Cam Newton, lead my Auburn Tigers to an undefeated regular season.

We also won the SEC Championship game against
South Carolina and will play Oregon in the
BCS National Championship Game next Monday night.

It was reemphasized to me people love a scandal and there
is no greater rivalry than the Alabama-Auburn rivalry.

Did you know Auburn beat Alabama this year?

Cam Newton, the pretty Auburn quarterback, with the gorgeous
smile, won the Heisman Trophy.

I painted my first picture, a cross, that looks
like it is in dire need of Weight Watchers.

I saw, again, why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I witnessed a Christmas miracle when Hayden spent
Christmas Eve with me and woke up Christmas morning at Home.

I learned, there are people who keep their word.

I learned, there are people who don't keep their word.

Most importantly, I learned, God is always Faithful.

Yes, 2010 has certainly seen it's fair share of both good and bad times.

I never meant for this to be a "Year in Review" post.

It just worked out that way.

I am looking forward to the New Year.

I have watched God work in ways I never knew possible in 2010.

I can't fathom what He has in store for me this year.

I hope you and your family have a blessed 2011.

Happy New Year, Blog Friends!

I am so glad you are in my life.

Love you MUCH!



  1. WOW!!! I just wanted to tell you that was beautiful...took me forever to read it because of all the tears in my eyes!

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