Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Ugly Truth, Snow, and Painting for a Cause.....

Hayden left this morning.

I am some better.

I haven't cried, today.

Thank you for asking.

I had a great Heart-to-Heart with a Friend this
Week who encouraged me to be the
best "Aunnie/Mom" to Hayden that I can be.

To focus on all the memories He and I have
made and to look forward to new ones we're going to make.

I also heard truths that were very hard to hear.

Thank you, for being a great Friend.

You never cease to tell me like it is, yet provide unyielding support.

Though it may not seem like it, I really
appreciate your honesty and candor.

I know you have my best interest at heart.

You are an amazing Friend, and I love
you more than you will EVER know.

We got 7 inches of snow here last Sunday
night and still have snow today.

Crazy, isn't it?

We had a blast playing in it.

It was so pretty.

I don't know how those of you that have it
all the time deal with it though.

I KNOW, you all are chomping at the bit to see some pictures!

Well, without further ado, here you go.....

Hayden and I

Me and Baby Girl

The Eldest

Kylee and Haley

Yours Truly

This is Sunday night at the beginning of the snow


This is BEFORE my ride.

This is AFTER.


Don't you just LOVE my outfit?

Sweatshirt, Pajama Bottoms, Cute Rain boots, Auburn Toboggan.........

Aaaaaah, yes, fashion statement, for real.

I do LOVE my rain boots!

Seriously, we had an awesome time.

This has T-R-O-U-B-L-E written all over it!

Isn't this gorgeous?

I just LOVE it!

Last night, our Church hosted "Paint for a Cause".

It was a painting session to raise money for our Honduras Trip.

Kylee and I went and had a great time.

It was nice to have my baby girl ALL to myself.

That doesn't happen often.

Our masterpieces.

After this experience, we decided.....
1.) Yes, I will be keeping my Nursing License active
2.) Kylee will be attending College after High School
where she will major in something besides Art.


We did have lots of fun though!

I thought this was funny.....

This is how my kids see me most of the time.


Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Love you MUCH!


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