Saturday, January 29, 2011

Princess Gracie.....

My Husband and kids, with the help of some of my family,
threw me a surprise 40th birthday party last night.

It was my first birthday party.

My Mother, who nearly has heart failure
at this statement, adamantly denies this.

So, let me say, for the record, it is
the first birthday party I remember.

Heart still beating normally, Mom?


Let's proceed.

Obviously, they have been planning for a while.

They rented out our local Community Center,
hired a DJ, and we danced the night away.

My Cousin's Husband, Jeff, who is an award winning
BBQ man, smoked some meat and boy was it YUMMY!!

Add some baked beans, potato salad, and pecan twirls to
that and you've got the Southern Girl's perfect Birthday Bash.

Here are a few pictures for you.....

Me and my Princess cake

Haley and Kylee


I love these Girls!

Singing Karaoke

The DJ, Crazy A and I

Princess Gracie

I really appreciate everyone's hard work to make my night fabulous.

I had so much fun.

Thank you to my Friends and Family who
came and celebrated with me.

I wish you, my Blog friends could have been there.

Love you MUCH!


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