Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Best Friend is a Snuggie.....

My surgery went well.

I am moving really slow and only when I absolutely have to.

I am hurting bad.

He took my left ovary and both fallopian tubes.

He also did a good bit of scraping
to clean up adhesions and scar tissue.

Did I mention I am hurting really, really bad?

I am.

I promise, I don't mean to whine, but it hurts so bad.

Actually, much worse than I expected it to hurt.

Mainly at my belly button and on my left side.

He had planned on taking the left tube and ovary all along.

I'm not sure what made him decide
to take the right fallopian tube.

I don't know if the tube its self looked
bad or if it was mixed up in adhesions
and it was easier to go ahead and take it.

He did say my right ovary looked good and healthy.


That means I don't have to take
hormones, which I am ecstatic about.

Thank you all for your prayers, txts,
phone calls, and facebook messages.

The couch, pain medicine, and this
snuggie have become my closest friends.

Also, sweet Bronson was having surgery this morning.

I have not received any updates about him.

I will let you know as soon as I do.

Please keep praying for this miracle baby and his Family.

Love you MUCH!



  1. Good to know you're doing okay, besides being in pain!

  2. Good job you doing i agree with you..
    Thanks for sharing with us..