Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Month Miracle.....

Sweet little miracle boy is a month old.

Can you believe it?

Yeah, I know.

I can't either.

This is what his Mommy wrote in an update yesterday.....

".....On September 27, 2010 they told us that he probably would not make it to delivery, that he would pass in utero. If he did make it to delivery, there was only a 3% chance that he would survive because he would never be able to breathe on his own. Boy did he prove them wrong!!! When he was born the doctor was yelling, "He is peeing and breathing!" I was yelling back, "I told you he would!....."

".....He was taken completely off the vent by day 6 and now he is even completely off oxygen. He has proved them wrong again! The nephrostomy tube that quit working about 2 weeks ago and led them to the decision to go ahead and fix the valves mysteriously started working again on Thursday and he is putting out urine again!, And every diaper that they are changing is having urine in them! I can't tell you how excited we are about this! It is just God showing us that everything happens in His timing and we just need to continue trusting!....."

".....I can't say that in the very beginning that I didn't question God. I know we aren't supposed to but when something like this happens to your child you can't help but question. I had to take a step back though and remember that this is God's child and that He would take care of him in His way. Even if I don't understand why this happened to my child, God knows why and has a reason. Who knows, Bronson may grow up to be a Kidney Surgeon that fixes this problem for other little babies!....."

Words spoken straight from a Mother's heart.

How awesome is it to watch to Hand of God work
in this sweet baby's life!

They have decided to take him off continuous
feedings and let him take it all by mouth
with a bolus feeding if he doesn't take enough.

Bronson will be having surgery Tuesday
to do several different things.

They are going to see if he has a stricture in
the urethra or if it is really the posterior urethral valves.

If it is just a stricture, they will just fix it.

If it is the PUV they perform a vesicostomy.

This is an opening under the belly button that
allows the bladder to drain.

This will only be temporary.

The also told them they are going to hold
off on dialysis to see what kind of kidney function he has.

They should know this within 5 days of surgery.

His Mommy said he is doing great today,
looking around taking everything in.

Thought I'd share a couple picture of this one month miracle.

Miracle by Miracle, God continues to answer prayers.

Continue to pray for this sweet Family.

I know Tuesday will be hard.

Love you MUCH!


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