Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Tubes.....

Bronson slept most of the day today.

That is a blessing considering he can't eat.

The Doctors came in this morning and told them his lab work, as well as x-ray results, are normal and are not suggestive of Necrotizing enterocolitis, otherwise known as NEC.

Did you get that?

The tests show he may not have NEC.

Oh, really?


Absolutely not.

They think he may have a protein allergy.

However, they will continue to treat him as if he does have NEC.

They want to be cautious, until they know more.

They did remove the tube from his stomach today because there was no output from it.

That is a good sign.

This is the first time he has been completely without any tubes since birth.

How awesome is that?!

Still planning surgery for next week assuming things continue to go well.

Keep praying, Friends.

Love you MUCH!


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