Wednesday, April 13, 2011

100 Totally Random Gracie Facts.....

100 totally random Gracie facts.....
  1. I am married
  2. I have 2 daughters, Haley, 19 and Kylee, 14
  3. I love writing in blue ink, it makes me happy
  4. I am a terrible driver, kinda
  5. Orange jello is my favorite
  6. I love taking pictures
  7. I am addicted to lip gloss and always have it with me and on, ALWAYS
  8. I am a Christian and believe in the power of prayer
  9. I recently joined Weight Watchers
  10. I love being in my pajamas
  11. I don't read music, but I love to sing
  12. I love my big Family; we are really close
  13. I might be just a little stubborn and strong-willed
  14. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite candy
  15. I love to make lists; I draw boxes beside each item and when I finished it I put an X in it, if I didn't finish it, I put a / in it so I can add it to the next day's list, see #87
  16. My facial expressions say EVERYTHING I'm thinking, good or bad
  17. I just turned the Big 4-0, yep, I have 2 twenties on me as my daughter would say
  18. Even though I can swim very well, I've never tried to dive
  19. I am a Registered Nurse and work full-time
  20. Daffodils, aka Buttercups, are my favorite flower
  21. I honestly love my job
  22. I always wash my face and take my make-up off before I go to bed
  23. Mashed potatoes are my ultimate comfort food, they always make EVERYTHING better
  24. I love to balance my checkbook, see #87
  25. I believe in Miracles
  26. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's like Christmas, without the emphasis on gifts
  27. I am sun-phobic and wear, at least, 50 SPF sunscreen
  28. I got my one and only tattoo, a butterfly, when I turned 30
  29. I've never been arrested, and never been in jail
  30. I was anorexic as a teenager, obviously healed now
  31. I traveled and sang in a Southern Gospel Group for 10 years
  32. I love flip-flops
  33. I could almost meet the definition of a hoarder
  34. I would rather read a story than watch it, that way I can imagine it how I want
  35. I was hurt badly by someone I thought was a friend, and because of that, I don't trust easily
  36. When I trust and love, I do it wholeheartedly and passionately
  37. I have Auburn Football Season Tickets; there's no better place or way to spend a Saturday
  38. I love writing my thoughts down and being part of the Blog World
  39. I love all sports, though I've never played, unless you count that 1/2 season of church softball
  40. I want to sing The National Anthem at a major sporting event
  41. All of my Grandparents are in Heaven
  42. I've never ridden a horse
  43. I hate to hear people crunching food
  44. I love all things Auburn and bleed Orange and Blue
  45. I am extremely proud of my Daughters
  46. I love seafood, it's probably my most favorite food
  47. War Eagle are two of my favorite words
  48. I refuse to watch scary movies, even the commercials freak me out
  49. I come from a Family of VERY strong women
  50. I love Francesca Battistelli's music
  51. I just had surgery for the 2nd time in 3 weeks
  52. I am addicted to Facebook
  53. I hate raisins
  54. I want to sing with Willie Nelson, really, really bad.....Willie, if you are reading this, hook a girl up.....pretty please! =)
  55. I thought Gucci Mane was a fashion designer, sorry Gucci
  56. I didn't know I was blind & needed glasses until I failed the vision part of my drivers exam at 15
  57. I eat peanut butter with my pancakes and syrup, yummy
  58. I am always cold
  59. I've never done illegal drugs, and have never even seen any either 
  60. I've been described as dramatic, though I would never, ever in a million years be dramatic ;)
  61. I wear contacts but take them out as soon as I get home and put my glasses on
  62. I'm not afraid to say what I think
  63. I've never been in a Police Car
  64. I've been to Honduras twice for medical mission trips and will go again next month 
  65. I am a night owl
  66. I know, without a doubt, God has great plans for my life
  67. I've ridden in an ambulance as a Nurse, but never as a Patient
  68. I have a terrible self body image
  69. My paper money is turned the same way, face forward, and in order of smallest to highest
  70. I am proud to be an American and cry when I hear the National Anthem, I know freedom isn't, nor will it ever be, free
  71. I do not like surprises
  72. Green is my favorite color
  73. I believe everything happens for a reason
  74. I always have my Blackberry with me
  75. I have a fear of failure and inadequacy
  76. I've never shot a gun, or even held one 
  77. I have a brother and 2 sisters
  78. I will not lay in a tanning bed, nor allow my girls to
  79. I had braces for the second time when I was 38
  80. I don't understand people who don't put their children first; this makes me very angry
  81. Raw celery is so gross, and I won't eat it
  82. I've traveled out of the Country 4 times; been to Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica & Honduras
  83. I have a lot of friends but not a lot of friends, see #35
  84. I hate drinking water
  85. After many years in a SUV, I am finally back in a car, I love my Lexus
  86. I love smiley faces =), my kids hate it =)
  87. I am a Nerd and proud of it
  88. All I ever wanted to be growing up was a Mom
  89. I've never drank beer
  90. I want to lose 30lbs
  91. I always have my toenails painted
  92. I love Mtn. Dew, not diet.... I want the REAL stuff
  93. I was a cheerleader in high school
  94. I only like the flat chicken wings, not the drummettes
  95. I get tired of being everything for everybody; some days I just wanna be ME
  96. My Mom is the best woman I know; she taught me how to be a Mom by being one to me
  97. I love researching things, see #87
  98. I wasn't close to my Dad growing up, but I'm glad that's changed now 
  99. I smile a lot, even when I don't really feel like it
  100. I always have a song on my heart, and in my head, and will often sing it aloud wherever I'm at
Love you MUCH!,



  1. We have quite a bit in common, I see! :)

    I didn't know you had a second surgery though, I am sorry for it! I hope you're healing rapidly.

    I like nerds. They always accomplish something! I have friends too, but don't trust easily. Once you've got my trust, I'm loyal as a stubborn bull. That can be bad or good. If you want to be gone of me after earning my trust, it kinda not easy to tell me to go away. I have to learn to rein that in somehow.

    I never thought what could be on a tanning bed. I've used them a lot. bleck! Never again!

    Your mother in law... 22 years?!! Wow..

  2. Always fun to get to know more about our bloggy "friends".