Sunday, April 10, 2011

Schedule? What Schedule.....

I'm not really sure why it's 4 in the morning and I am still awake?

Could it have anything to do with the
7 hour nap I took today at 6pm?

I'm sure it has A LOT to do with it.

Except, can you really call a 7 hour nap a nap?

Probably not.

I know, I know, one might ask why
I would take a 7 hour nap at 6 in the evening?

I was tired.

Really tired, obviously.

Plus, my schedule has gotten off really bad since surgery.

What I really mean is, I have no schedule.

I suppose that's not a bad thing until I have
to go back to work and actually be on a schedule.

Yeah, that will be bad.

Until then, I guess I will enjoy it.

I do feel better.

I am still laying around mostly.

When I say laying around, I mean laying around.


I'm still not sitting up very well.

I'm sure that will get better as time goes on.

I am taking pain medicine when I need it.

I am doing much better with that.

I am just so ready to be back at 100%.

I know my family is ready for that as well.

One thing I have been able to do is catch up on your blogs.

Isn't it funny how most of us have never met, yet we KNOW each other?

I mean, I know your favorite foods, I've seen your vacation pictures,
I know all about your husbands, your kids and pets, the things you
love and hate about your jobs and yet we've never, ever met.

Non-blogging people don't understand that.

I've also found some new blogs.

I've enjoyed reading your stories and getting to know you.

We all have a Story.

Would you rewrite yours if you could?

Would you change a scene here and there
or would you have the exact same storyline?

That's something to think about isn't it?

I mean, Our Story is what made us into the person we are today.

Good or bad.

That's really too deep to think about at 4 in the morning
but is worth expounding on at a later, more refreshed time.

I really wish all of us could get together for a big Blog Family Reunion.

Wouldn't that be fun?

Let's plan it.

I'll host it at my house.

I think it would be great!

In the mean time, I think I am gonna try and sleep for a bit.

Hope your weekend has been and continues to be fabulous!

Love you MUCH!


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