Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nobody's That Perfect or Sweet.....

Something else I've done
during my recovery is watch movies.

I am not normally a movie watcher.

Actually, I don't normally watch TV of any kind.

I'd rather have my laptop.

Movies have always been my sleeping pill, and I
am usually asleep by the time the previews are off.

There's just something about being home,
alone, in TOTAL control of the remote, though.

We have 892 channels on our digital cable.

Yes, it's true.

892 channels.

That's not counting "On Demand", which is
full of free movies, movies to rent, and TV Shows.

The possibilities are endless.

Romantic comedies, such as these, are my favorites.....

And just recently, I saw this for the first time.....

I will tell you, I was pretty ticked she died.

I couldn't believe it.

That funeral scene OWNED me though.

One minute, I was SOBBING my eyes out,
the next, I was laughing uncontrollably.

It was a great movie.

I absolutely REFUSE to watch scary movies and the only
Action Movies I'll watch have her in them.....

I LOVE Angelina Jolie.

I know, there are many people that
don't like her, (sorry Lois), but I love her.

She is so beautiful, and is an amazing actress.

And while we're talking, let me go ahead
and tell you, I don't really like this actress.....


I know, I know, EVERYBODY loves Jennifer Aniston.

I don't.


Ok, someone please send emergency
personnel to my friend, Lois' house.

Not only does she totally LOATHE Angelina,
she equally ADORES Jennifer.

Don't get me wrong, Jennifer
hasn't done anything to me personally.

I just don't like her.

She is pretty, which is a strike against her
from the start, but she's just so perfect and just so sweet.

I mean, seriously, nobody is THAT perfect or THAT sweet.


Except maybe.....Me!


Just kidding, just kidding.


I've got to go call Lois and make sure they have her hooked up
to oxygen and she's receiving proper emergency medical assistance.

I love you, Lois!

Seriously, there is another good movie on that I'm about to watch.....

Love you MUCH!


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  1. Steel Magnolias is definitely one of my favorite movies! :)