Sunday, April 17, 2011

That's Cool To Me.....

After the devastating storms
and tornadoes that came through Alabama Friday,
we've had nothing but gorgeous weather this weekend.

It has been a little cool, but beautiful, nonetheless.

By a little cool, I mean 68ish.

That's cool to me.


I've actually had a lazy weekend.

It was nice.
 I am going back to work tomorrow.

I've been off since having my 2nd surgery, April 5th.

I am feeling much better.

I still can't sit for long periods of
time and I get tired easily, but feel much better.

I may be saying something different after working tomorrow, though.


I do want to let you know Baby Bronson is doing fabulous.

He has been moved to a room in a Unit with 2 other renal babies.

He is not hooked up to his dialysis machine until 3pm,
so, his Mommy and Daddy are able to take him for walks.

They start training Wednesday in
 preparation to transfer from hospital to home.
Yes, I said Home.

They have to train for 9 days.

After that, they'll have to spend a week in the hospital
doing everything for him themselves before he can come home.

So, he will more than likely be home the 2nd week of May.
2nd. Week. of. May.

His Mommy said she is going to try and
sweet talk them and see if it's possible to
double up on their training and get him home sooner.

Keep praying for Baby Bronson and his
Family as they prepare for this transition.

Before they call I will answer;
while they are still speaking I will hear.
~Isaiah 65:24~

God continues to hear us.

Miracle. By. Miracle.

He continues to listen.

Miracle. By. Miracle.

He continues to reveal Himself.

Miracle. By. Miracle.

We continue to thank Him.

Have a great week, Blog Friends!

Love you MUCH!




  1. Good luck at work today, and don't over do it. It is always hard the first few days.

  2. My dear friend ~ You won my contest for the Dayspring coupon... I don't know your email address though, not sure if the number I have for you is correct and I don't want to post the code here. I hope you have a wonderful day and take it easy! ((((Hugs))) prayers and love :) :)

  3. Thank you for the prayer for Kristin. It means a lot. And I can see that you have had some medical stuff, too! We will offer prayer for you as well! And for baby Bronson. Hope he is able to get home soon. With Kristin in the hospital for 6 days now, and it looking like it will be at least two more, we are learning how emotionally and physically draining that is. God bless them.

  4. Good luck at work! And thanks for the sweet post!