Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Consider Yourself Warned.....

Surgery went well yesterday
but I have been hurting miserably.

When I say miserably, I mean MISERABLY!

It's not like I expected not to hurt,
I just wasn't expecting to hurt so bad.

I apologize, in advance, if this post is TMI.

If you are afraid it will be TMI, then don't read any further.

Consider yourself warned.

He was able to repair my tear and place
a mesh-type material to provide reinforcement.

I had both a catheter and vaginal packing
post-operatively that was quite painful.

I was REALLY glad to get rid of both of those.

I have only been laying down so far, no sitting yet.

It feels like my insides are falling out
and someone is trying to hold them in place with a knife.

I made the mistake of trying to manage my pain with only
Ibuprofen, which I SHOULD NOT have done.

I decided I NEED the good stuff
and ibuprofen does not equal the good stuff.

Sorry, Ibuprofen, please don't take it personally.

I have pelvic and lifting restrictions for 6 weeks.

I have GOT to get well so I can go to Honduras next month.

Sorry, I haven't updated sooner
but I, honestly, just haven't felt like it.

Please say a prayer, or two, for a quick recovery.

I know, I've really gotta take it easy this time.

Believe me, take it easy I will.

I don't have any other choice.

Love you MUCH!



  1. Take Care my friend!
    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and comfort from your pain.
    God Bless,

  2. I'm so sorry for what your going through. i pray you get better soon. Take it easy. If I can do anything or bring you anything just let me know.

    Love you