Monday, January 28, 2013

Day Whatever.....

I'm not even sure what day we are on today.
After a while, they really do all run together.
We were told he would have a really busy
day today, repeating the bone marrow biopsy,
meeting with the trial drug representative and such.
So far, we have seen the Nurse Practitioner,
a team of Doctors, but no trial drug representative,
who is the person we are REALLY anxious to talk to.
We have just been told she is on vacation.
I can't tell you how frustrating that is.
They can't do anything until
he signs consents for the study. 
He can't sign consent until we meet with her.
We know it is in God's timing.
I keep saying that over
and over to myself in my head.
I think we are all just exhausted
which simply compounds the frustration.
He's ready to get started.
So am I.
He is still running some
low blood pressures, so they
are holding his blood pressure meds.
At this point, they would
rather him run a little high than low.
The skin surrounding the Hickman,
which was placed Friday, is really tender, a tad more
swollen, and has a little bit more redness than they would like.
They are starting a different antibiotic today to cover that.
His blood counts were down a little yesterday.
It may be tomorrow before they can do the biopsy.
We shall see.
Thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday.
Though I never, in a million
years, envisioned spending my 42nd birthday
in the Oncology Unit at UAB, I am blessed beyond measure.
Today, please pray specifically.....
*The Study Drug Rep or someone else
with the study will come meet with us SOON.
*Wisdom and guidance to make the right decision.
*That during the computer randomization,
 He will be chosen for whichever chemo drug he needs.
*The Hickman site will settle down and not become infected.
*We will be able to rest so we can be here for him.
*Peace that passes all understanding for him, as well as the rest of us.
*Our Families who are at home, while we are here.
Love you MUCH!

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