Sunday, January 27, 2013

In It All.....

I apologize for not posting yesterday,
but I was just too tired, both mentally and physically.
For those of you who have never
read my Blog, and are here to get updates
about my Daddy, let me give you a little background.
I wrote my first blog post
January 17, 2009 purely for therapeutic reasons.
Mainly, as a way to say what's on my mind,
but also to share what's going on with my kids, our family, etc.
It is my therapy.
Plain and simple.
It wasn't started for any other person.
Just me.
That will not change.
Now or ever.
You can say that sounds harsh, mean or even selfish,
but to be honest, which I always will be, I don't care.
It's really not meant to be and I don't
mean to sound smart, but it is what is is.
Now, on to my Daddy.....
He's hanging in there.
He had a good day yesterday,
but didn't feel as well as the day before.
He was complaining of some pain from the
Hickman and actually took pain medication twice.
Those of you who know my Daddy, know,
he must have been REALLY hurting to do that.
I told him, on more than one
occasion, there is really no need to hurt.
He doesn't have to be Superman.
I probably could have and
should have saved my breath.
They also started some fluids because
his blood pressure was running a little low.
It's pretty much supportive
care now until his chemo starts.
The plan is to repeat the bone marrow biopsy tomorrow.
Once those results are back,
probably, in a week or so, they will start chemo.
We still aren't sure what chemo 
treatment plan he will be receiving.
There are a few questions we want answered
before he agrees to participate in the drug study.
We are ready to get started,
no matter which treatment it may be.
I hate waiting for his treatment
to start, but that is out of my control.

We know God's timing is perfect.

I'm trying to remember that.
There are times, it's really hard.

I told you before, I know God has a plan.

Even in the heartache.

Even in the fear.

Even in the sadness.

Even in the darkness.

Even in the anger.

In it all, He has a plan.

Keep praying, Blog Friends.

Love you MUCH!


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