Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bond, James Bond.....

Good Morning from Cozumel, Mexico.

We have once again left the Carnival Elation and are now on Bus T 05 with our Tour Guide, Bond, James Bond, no I'm not kidding and our Driver, Fredericko, heading to Playa Mia Beach to spend the day in the water and in the sun.

We will only have about a 15 minute bus trip from the Port to the Beach unlike the hour and a half in Jamaica day before yesterday.

The weather is beautiful today. Bond said it had been raining the last few days but thankfully it has cleared up today.

We will be feasting on a Mexican buffet for lunch. I'm hoping it's familiar cheese dip like at El Tap, our favorite Mexican Restaurant back home in Bama, lol and some tacos and NO goat of any kind.

I've just discovered the Mexican drivers are no better than the Jamaican drivers and follow the same "rules" of the road.

Have a great day, Friends! I'm about to enjoy some turquoise water and some sunshine.

Love you MUCH!


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