Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Problem, Just a Situation.....

"No Problem, Just a Situation", at least that's what Donna, our Jamaican Island Guide says.

We left the Elation behind this morning and have now boarded a private bus for an hour and a half trip to Beaches Resort in Negril.

Today is our Bus Driver, Clinton's birthday. He is 62, so of course we had to sing Happy Birthday to him.

We are the only cruise ship here today so our tour only has 14 in it.

The weather is gorgeous, lots and lots of beautiful sunshine.

So far, I've learned there are lots and lots of goats in Jamaica and they love to eat them, especially in goat soup.

I'm praying goat soup or any other kind of goat for that matter will not be on the lunch menu.

I've also learned Jamaican's drive on the opposite side of the road from us and they basically follow the rule of whoever gets there first, goes first.

I will update you guys later.

Have a great Tuesday and remember No problem, just a situation.

Love you MUCH!


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